Arrest Log

January 21

• Leesa Marie Veal, 52, animal cruelty, CCSO

• Kellen Andrew Fleming, 32, aggravated battery, CCSO

• Henry Lewis Horton, 31, DUI, FTML, GSP

• Antonio Rodriguez Shropshire, 21, possession of narcotics, giving false name, disorderly conduct, FTA, CCSO

• Robert Lindsey Underwood Jr., 41, obstruction, possession of meth, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, CCSO

• Craig Andrew Large, 32, theft by taking, FTA, CCSO

• Luvester Ann Evans, 34, disorderly house, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Bryant Levelle Jaquez Ball, 20, VOP

• Quinton Keleion Heard, 31, possession of marijuana, foreign warrant, NPD

• James Edward Warner, 43, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Gerald San Juan Walton, 24, resisting arrest, improper turn signal, fleeing/attempting to elude, open container, suspended license, GPD

• Lisa Michelle Bishop, 29, foreign warrant, CCSO

• Jordan Todd Marchman, 28, suspended license, CCSO

• Oronico Parada, 52, driving without license, speeding, CCSO

January 22

• Luther Cee Wilkes, 44, possession of narcotics with intent, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, NPD

• Ronald Alexander, 31, burglary, NPD

• Demario Satwan Carter, 26, burglary, NPD

• Sandra Lashawn Snelling, 37, family violence order violation, CCSO

• Armond Assante Tucker, 18, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, possession of marijuana, giving false name, DUI alcohol less safe, driving without license, reckless driving, FTML, stop light violation, stop sign violation - two counts, NPD

January 23

• Crystal Channel Jernigan, 36, suspended license, no tail lights, GPD

• Gary Kevin Horton, 39, harassing phone calls, CCSO

• Bobby Lydell Ferguson, 31, VOP

• William Raymond Bush, 40, identity fraud - five counts, CCSO

• Kevin Thomas Easter, 19, VOP

• Garrett Robert Paloncy, 37, harassing phone calls, NPD

• Robert Lynn Jackson, 52, driving without license, no registration, no proof of insurance, FTML, SPD

• Emmanuel Rosado Morales, 20, driving without license, FTML, NPD

• Marco Hurtado Alvarez, 19, possession of marijuana with intent, possession of narcotics, CCSO

• Rene Leyua Garcia, 33, driving without license, FTML, NPD

January 24

• Jessica Norma Wilcox, 25, FTA, CCSO

• Joshua Troy Weathers Jr., 19, possession of alcohol by a minor, NPD

• Alan Trent Dowd, 18, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Kenneth David Scott, 32, FTA, CCSO

• Oscar Villamar, 38, suspended license, fleeing/attempt to elude, FTML, stop sign violation, DUI, open container, no registration, removing/affixing license plate, NPD

• Joseph Brian Shelnutt, 18, vehicular homicide 1st degree, DUI under 21, DUI, reckless driving, seat belts required, minor in possession, driving in circular/zig zag, FTML, GSP

• James Claro Lugo, 68, criminal damage to property in the 2nd degree, CCSO

• Patrick James Wood, 40, obstruction of officers, no proof of insurance, no registration, FTML, driving too fast for conditions, DUI less safe, CCSO

• Karl Louis Griffin, 33, fleeing/attempt to elude, suspended license, reckless driving, display license plate, CCSO

• Stacie Amanda Miller, 27, suspended license, suspended registration, CCSO

• Dylan Chance Anderson, 19, possession of marijuana, seat belt violation, CCSO

• Nakisha Shauntrice Huling, 39, endangering security interests, CCSO

• Wesley Bernard Norman Jr., 35, theft by taking, CCSO

• Janice Castillo Genoli, 54, driving without license, CCSO

• Kimberly Sue Whitten, 27, criminal trespass, simple assault FVA, NPD

• Ashley Ann Swilley, 29, forgery in the first degree, CCSO

• Michael Wayne Johnson, 35, simple battery FVA, NPD

• Tommie Lee Parks, 54, speeding, DUI, suspended license, GPD

• Timothy Tyrone Scott, 38, suspended license, stop sign violation, GSP

January 25

• Mark Anthony Houston, 49, suspended license, brake lights required, NPD

• Cynthia Gale Lawrence, 50, reckless driving, DUI, NPD

• Joseph Christopher Davis II, 34, suspended license, tag lights required, CCSO

• Michael Dwain Johnson, 34, possession of marijuana, tail lights required, CCSO

• Emily Sharea Tant, 21, DUI, FTML, GSP

• James William Bass III, 48, driving too fast for conditions, open container, DUI less safe, failure to yield, suspended license, FTML, leaving scene of an accident, GSP

• Maria Darnell, 33, suspended license, speeding, GSP

• Michael Eason, 34, speeding, suspended license, license to be carried, GSP

• Dejasmon Lamont Williams, 20, suspended license, CCSO

• Brandon Veonn Smith, 22, giving false info, CCSO

• Mary Elizabeth Smith, 26, shoplifting, NPD

• Ryan Neal Collins, 23, open container, speeding, DUI, NPD

• Robert Carroll Rowland, 44, VOP, NPD

• Rodriquez Cortez Macdowell, 25, tail lights required, resisting arrest, NPD.

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