Arrest Log

October 21

• Douglass Brock Roberts, 18, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Frederick Arthur Robinson, 45, possession of drug related objects, NPD

• Bobby Lewis Brooks, 45, DUI, FTML, possession of drug related objects, NPD

• Tanya Sardray Bass, 38, suspended license, suspended registration, no tail lights, CCSO

• John Ellis Pullins, 53, DUI, FTML, NPD

• Bradley Ray Newby, 30, aggravated assault, NPD

• Catreece Reshawnda Snow, 23, VOP

• Daniel Joseph Owsley, 30, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, CCSO

• Richard Charles Gorman, 59, stalking, CCSO

• Kevin O Nolen, 25, VOP, limited driving permit

• Charles Mark Edwards, 41, obstruction of officers, giving false name, theft by taking, theft by taking auto, arrest order/indictment, theft by receiving - two counts, possession of firearm by felon, possession of narcotics, burglary 1st, CCSO

• Alexandre Dante Jackson, 22, obstruction of officers, CCSO

• Alejandro Rosales-Casteneda, 35, driving without license, headlights required, NPD

• Gary Wayne Lively, 52, possession of narcotics, possession of marijuana, FTML, CCSO

• Jerrell Heshawn Amey, 24, aggravated assault with a firearm, false statements and writings, CCSO

• Vicente Rivas Diaz, 49, driving without a license, CCSO

• Anthony Markel Harris, 33, headlights required, driving without license, stop sign violation, speeding, fleeing/attempt to elude, reckless driving, SPD

October 22

• Christopher James Tate, 20, minor in possession, NPD

• Dexter Bernard Smith Jr., 26, possession of cocaine, obstruction, DUI drugs - less safe, impeding flow of traffic, suspended license, false statements and writings, VOP, NPD

• Robert Copeland Bishop, 48, DUI - less safe, SPD

• Jacob Matthew Lackey, 20, driving without a license, no tail lights, NPD

• Ricco Antoine Nevett, 23, VOP

• Jorge Luis Perucho-Flores, 37, driving without license, CCSO

• Devon Michael Kimbell, 25, suspended license, CCSO

• Mariano Muralles Castellanos, 53, driving without license, CCSO

• Robert Allen Sims, 45, VOP

• Marcus Deontate White, 17, peeping tom, CCSO

• Stanley Ferguson Pollard, 27, suspended license, CCSO

• Victor Orlanda Montgomery Jr., 22, DUI drugs - less safe, speeding, change of address or name, drugs to be kept in original container, NPD

• Abran Delucio, 37, VOP, driving without license, CCSO

• Karen Lea Leatherwood, 43, shoplifting, NPD

• Adolfo S Monterrubio, 43, driving without license, CCSO

• Karvas JaWilliams Traylor, 28, suspended license, FTML, NPD

• Kiersten Brianna Williams, 19, suspended license, no headlights, child restraint - three counts, NPD

• Jerome Joseph Barra, 34, no proof of insurance, suspended license, DUI drugs, fleeing/attempt to elude, no tail lights, alteration of plates, NPD

• Frederick Edward Herndon, 35, pedestrian under the influence, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Davis Rashad White, 26, open container, suspended license, improper turn, stop light violation, no tail lights, NPD

• Robert Tremayne Cofer, 34, possession of marijuana, open container, NPD

• Kenneth Jarrard Nalls Jr., 31, possession of marijuana, no headlights, resisting arrest, NPD

• Danielle Janet Howard, 36, suspended license, no insurance, suspended registration, CCSO

• Darwin Rivera-Najia, 37, driving without license, CCSO

• Harry Lee Freeman Jr., 57, failure to register as sex offender, CCSO

• Linda Faye Towler, 31, VOP, GPD

October 23

• Bobby Swint, 62, trespassing, NPD

• Shelia Marie Bolton, 52, driving without license, NPD

• Bobby Patel, 40, simple battery FVA, CCSO

• Debra Lee Phillips, 60, VOP, FTA - two counts, CCSO

• Michael Joseph Diedolf, 25, suspended license, GSP

• Shaswava Montavius Parks, 19, HOA, NPD

• William Isaac McBride, 17, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Avian Denise Knox, 28, VOP, CCSO

• Justin Kentavious Henston, 23, VOP, NPD

• Andrew Jarret Johnson, 22, burglary, CCSO

• Adrian Jemell Cherry, 22, robbery, CCSO

• Ryan Lyn Nash, 34, battery FVA, child cruelty, CCSO

• Robert Lee Snelling, 56, driving without a license, expired registration, headlights required, NPD

• Sharon Denise Dawson, 24, driving without license, NPD

• Francisco Contraras Avila, 23, shoplifting, CCSO

• Cuba Bernard Sinkfield Jr., 26, HOA, CCSO

• Fabian Lamont Good, 43, criminal trespass, shoplifting, NPD

• Charles Clayton Dancy, 19, suspended license, NPD

• Johnny H Coverson, 54, HOA, suspended license, CCSO

• Daniel Lawrence Cain, 24, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Brian Miles Moore, 27, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Bennie Cleveland, 20, possession of marijuana, NPD

October 24

• Kisher Nathan Patel, 53, DUI, FTML, CCSO

• Jay Anthony Pojar, 45, DUI, FTML, CCSO

• Dante Ramon Piedra, 34, driving without license, window tint violation, unregistered vehicle, CCSO

• Timothy Lee Oliver Jr., 27, HOA, CCSO

• Victoria Nicole Dodson, 33, DUI, failure to yield, CCSO

• Alicia Diane Harris, 27, suspended license, giving false information, FTML, CCSO

• Jeremiah Chapman, 26, VOP, CCSO

• Fernando Franco-Garcia, 18, reckless driving, speeding, stop light violation, CCSO

October 25

• Kimberly Nicole White, 40, FTA, suspended license, NPD

• Lisa Ann Berger, 33, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, CCSO

• Jose Rodriguez-Contreras, 33, speeding, driving without license, CCSO

• Homer Lee Johnson Jr., 61, DUI, open container, NPD

• Kathy Renee Williams, 54, VOP, STPR

• Saul Francisco Ullola Jr., 22, VOP, CCSO

• Eldrike Deon Partridge, 36, HOA

• Lionell Devoris Daniel, 28, suspended license, safety belts, no proof of insurance, no brake lights, CCSO

• Johnny Kim, 45, suspended/revoked license, following too closely, CCSO

• Kyle Patrick Fuller, 19, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, giving false name, CCSO

• Jihad Aleem Hud, 35, possession of marijuana, following too closely, CCSO.

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