Arrest Log

October 11

• Rodney Ulysses Key, 38, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, simple battery, child cruelty, child support violation - five counts, NPD

• William Bradley Walker, 28, child support violation - two counts, VOP, CCSO

• Marcus Antwon Ware, 28, DUI - less safe, suspended license, no head lights, resisting arrest, NPD

• Esteban Gomez Hernandez, 26, FTA, DUI, failure to yield, driving without license, leaving scene of accident with injury, NPD

• Jonathan Isaiah Griffin, 23, VOP, STPR

• Robert Vernon Taylor Jr., 26, possession of marijuana, VOP, NPD

• Felix Lee Geiger, 36, forgery 3rd degree, fraud identity, CCSO

• Errol Alexander Williams, 39, driving without license, VOP, GPD

• Jecarle Deion Brewster, 22, VOP, STPR

• Patricia Hernandez Barron, 41, driving without license, stop sign violation, seat belt violation, NPD

• Tekia Chantel Taylor, 23, driving without license, stop light violation, NPD

• Shannon Sharee Willis, 44, VOP, CCSO

• Steven Kenneth Stock, 55, DUI - less safe, GSP

• Raul Casteneda Lopez, 27, driving without license, CCSO

October 12

• Ashley Elizabeth Naiben, 24, VOP, CCSO

• Gina Shantai Lewis, 27, simple battery, CCSO

• Adrienne Monique Parks, 33, FTA

• Eric Montenz Swindle, 28, VOP, NPRB

• Earnest Garland Lewis III, 32, VOP, CCSO

• Alejandro Casteneda Delatorre, 37, driving without license, FTML, NPD

• Rodrieus Donte Parks, 35, speeding, driving without license, DUI, SPD

• Jimmy Dale Mallinks, 38, no brake lights, fleeing/attempting to elude, driving on wrong side of roadway, reckless driving, GPD

• Kayla Ellen Buzzell, 25, driving without license, fleeing/attempting to elude, speeding, CCSO

• Antonio Mendez Ramirez, 46, driving without license, GSP

• Walter Nelson Crofts Jr., 36, DUI, duty upon striking fixture, FTML, CCSO

• Jose Esteban Duran-Juarez, 24, shoplifting, CCSO

• Derek James Ewings, 43, obstruction, no proof of insurance, failure to yield, DUI, NPD

• Reno Roberto Florence, 39, suspended license, improper backing, CCSO

• James Daniel Hannah, 48, suspended license, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, GPD

• Philip Edwin McGill, 25, fraud deposit account - four counts, GPD

• Demetrius Dione Kirkland, 33, resisting/interfering with officers, NPD

• Jestin Ross Dixon, 21, FTML, driving without license, possession of marijuana, VOP, GPD

October 13

• Brian Anthony Madroe, 25, DUI, speeding, SPD

• Seth William Webb, 22, DUI, no turn signal, NPD

• Frederick Neal Jones, 67, DUI, FTML, CCSO

• Ashley Nicole James, 25, suspended license, CCSO

• Tyrone Charles Sellers, 46, endangering security interests, CCSO

• Charles E White Jr., 35, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, NPD

• Reginald Gerard Elder, 42, possession of marijuana with intent, GPD

• Lisandro Roldan Rivas, 27, battery FVA, CCSO

• Steve Warren Brown, 24, suspended license, speeding, SPD

• Steven Roy Stewart, 59, indecent exposure, public drunkenness, DUI, disorderly conduct, open container, no registration/valid tag, NPD

• Brian Lee Elliot, 31, suspended license, speeding, GSP

• Juan Morales-Hernandez, 58, driving without license, improper turn, NPD

• Gabriel Lorenzo Parks, 28, pedestrian under the influence, NPD

October 14

• Frank Gabriel Lopez, 36, fleeing/attempting to elude officers, DUI, DUI endangering a child, speeding, CCSO

• Jesus Alberto Ceja, 17, limited license permit, CCSO

• Kelly Martin Brownlee, 47, no proof of insurance, defective tires, NPD

• Savannah Christine Karr, 24, public drunkenness, CCSO

• Jorge Alfendo Castro-Amaya, 19, driving without license, driving on wrong side of roadway, NPD

• Edwin Charles Barlow Jr., 33, public drunkenness, NPD

• Dante Emilio Siognoli, 24, disorderly conduct, CCSO

• Curtis Talley, 21, HOA, CCSO

• Rubi Serna-Suarez, 33, DUI, driving without license, duty to report accident, duty upon striking fixture, reckless driving, FTML, CCSO

• Clyde Ruport Blakeney, 60, suspended license, suspended registration, CCSO

• Heather Rena Hughes, 28, criminal trespass, CCSO

• Ashley Layne Allison, 30, suspended license, CCSO

• Magan Demarsh Lynch, 28, shoplifting, NPD

• Brandon Scott Bateman, 25, FTA, CCSO

• Jonathan Jeremiah Miller, 28, public drunkenness, CCSO

• Morgan Brittany Hestley, 18, driving wrong way on one way street, minor in possession, NPD

• Dominic Martin Reyes, 18, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Michael Lewis Boykin, 20, limited driving permit, NPD

• Nathaniel Domineck, 46, suspended license, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Stefan Timothy Miller, 31, foreign warrant, shoplifting, NPD

October 15

• Hayden Tracy Smith, 19, FTML, DUI, CCSO

• Willie Clifford Colton, 68, possession of narcotics, NPD

• Emanuel King Herring, 21, VOP, NPD

• Rafael Minniefield, 23, VOP, NPD

• Jasmine Geneva Dickerson, 24, suspended license, open container, FTML, NPD

• Danielle Christine Carrier, 24, VGCSA possession of narcotics, crossing guard line with illegal materials, NPD

• John Joseph Rush Jr., 42, suspended registration, no proof of insurance, suspended license, stop sign violation, FTML, fleeing/attempt to elude, CCSO

• Frederick Antonio Gates, 50, HOA, CCSO

• Ebony Antoinette Coleman, 27, obstruction of officers, CCSO

• Noreen Kathleen McCormick, 31, VOP, FTA

• Timothy Jay Powell, 32, DUI, FTML, CCSO

• Jonathan Lamar Wheatley, 29, pedestrian under the influence, resisting arrest, NPD

• Tonya LaShawn Singleton, 36, endangering security interests

• Stephanie Victoria Schaffer, 21, FTA

• Robert Andrew Pybus, 45, suspended license, GSP

• Tyler Dean Long, 20, reckless driving, speeding, passing in no passing zone, CCSO

• Amanda Lynn Abramson, 29, criminal trespass, CCSO

• Malcolm Alvin Johnson, 17, speeding, driving without license, CCSO

• Gregory Moorer Jackson, 36, DUI, GSP

• Fabian Lamont Good, 43, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, NPD

• Gary Mitchell, 48, pedestrian under the influence, possession of drug related materials, NPD

• Tatiana Reznichenko, 36, reckless driving, speeding, CCSO.

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