Arrest Log

August 21

* Terry Lynn Sprattin, 55, VOP

* Devonte Latrez Johnson, 19, simple battery, CCSO

* Dowan Rechey Horsley, 32, criminal trespass, simple battery, child cruelty, NPD

* Robin Renee Thrower, 46, suspended license, speeding, CCSO

* Christopher Echols, 43, suspended license, suspended registration, CCSO

* John David Johnson Jr., 48, VOP, CCSO

* Christopher Bryan Shelton, 38, HOA, CCSO

* Cedric Dakelia Hand, 30, VOP, NPD

* Kyera Lasha Bilbo, 26, FTA, NPD

* Jeffrey Wayne Fuller, 33, child molestation, aggravated child molestation, CCSO

* Frankie David Thacker, 48, defective equipment, suspended license, SPD

* Brandon Trenton Barton, 23, suspended license, suspended registration, no proof of insurance, CCSO

* Joshua Wagner, 24, suspended registration, no proof of insurance, CCSO

* Lia Ann Tittle, 44, VOP, FTML, DUI, open container, NPD

* Wilbert Jenkins Jr., 38, driving without license, CCSO

* Kellie Kathleen O'Moore, 42, FTA, VOP

* Muhammed Munjuru Jah, 22, ID fraud, CCSO

* Jonathan David Culpepper, 24, fraud deposit account

* Christopher Reginald Sumlin, 46, possession of marijuana, NPD

* Cedric Lashawn Warner, 38, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana with intent, NPD

* William Luther Morning IV, 26, DUI, following too closely, GSP

August 22

* Angela Leeann Woodward, 32, suspended license, seat belt violation, CCSO

* Scott Lee Costley, 36, suspended license, seat belt violation, CCSO

* Paula Nicole Marwell, 34, shoplifting, CCSO

* Alonzo James Crowder, 30, suspended license, suspended registration, parking in restricted area/handicapped parking, CCSO

* Rapheal Martenez Fowler, 27, suspended license, defective equipment, SPD

* Lucius Markeiey Ackey, 35, VOP, CCSO

* Kendra Norwood, 26, VOP, NPRB

* Elizabeth Ann Arrington, 43, suspended license, child restraint violation three counts, CCSO

* Matthew Patrick Whitton Jr., 27, improper turn, seat belt violation, suspended/revoked license, NPD

* Lance Leslie Fuller, 35, battery FVA, CCSO

* Jose Pedro Torres-Garcia, 37, defective equipment, driving without license, SPD

* Jasmine Shant'e Janey Thompson, 23, no tail lights, suspended/revoked license, CCSO

* Ayinde Khalil Pearson, 18, weapon carrying without license, no brake lights/turn signals, CCSO

August 23

* Tyler Jay Dutton, 21, disorderly conduct, CCSO

* Luke William Chistiansen, 29, theft by taking, CCSO

* Gary Donald Waddell, 43, DUI, passing in no passing zone

* Reginald James Brackett, 43, DUI, possession of marijuana, speeding, suspended license, GSP

* Thomas Leroy Alleyne, 47, criminal trespass, SPD

* Matthew Johnathan Durrough, 31, speeding, possession of narcotics, CCSO

* Tabatha Kendell Jones, 22, child cruelty - second degree, CCSO

* Carl Anthony Davis Jr., 31, suspended license, windshield, CCSO

* Samuel Raymond Cook, 26, suspended license, GSP

* Shanice Latrice Heath, 17, disorderly conduct, child restraint violation, NPD

* Christopher Terrance Godfrey, 26, false imprisonment, aggravated assault with firearm, reckless conduct, pointing gun at another, CCSO

* Lori Elizabeth Barker, 33, VOP

* Andrew Grant Swanson, 24, VGCSA possession of marijuana, dangerous drugs to be kept in original container, CCSO

August 24

* German Jumenez-Gonzalez, 35, FTML, driving without license

* Lee Andrew Dunlap, 48, VGCSA possession of narcotics, CCSO

* Julius Quentin Jones, 46, DUI, impeding flow of traffic, CCSO

* Raymond Megal Stanley, 33, disorderly conduct, NPD

* Kenneth Dean Banks, 35, HOA, CCSO

* Brandon Harvell Melson, 26, suspended, no brake lights, violation of driving permit, NPD

* Andrew Wilson Garrett, 25, DUI, no head lights, NPD

* Andrew David Stargell, 65, open container, FTML, no brake lights, NPD

* Corey Devar Hudson, 21, simple battery, CCSO

* Christopher Brandon Cash, 26, criminal trespass, FVA, VOP, CCSO

* Matthew Wayne Carroll, 27, open container, DUI less safe, FTML, fleeing/eluding, CCSO

* Matthew Chad Mills, 23, open container, DUI, move over law violation, GSP

* Nicholas Hunter Sims, 18, DUI, contributing to minor two counts, minor in possession, obstruction, CCSO

* Peter Siedel Gosch Jr., 19, DUI, contributing to minor two counts, minor in possession, obstruction, CCSO

* Julio Alexander Andrade-Mastinez, 24, DUI, FTML, driving without license, NPD

* Jermaine Martell Tinch, 28, VOP, NPRB

* Richard Gerald Turner, 33, VOP, GSP

* Dustin Lee Goddy, 26, suspended license, following too closely, GSP

* Amber Leigh Faith, 27, shoplifting, FTA, NPD

August 25

* Darrell Eugene Smith, 43, FVA, battery, CCSO

* Eliseo Chavez Hernandez, 45, DUI, suspended license, FTML, CCSO

* Rasheed Muhammad Abdullah, 27, equipment required for bicycles, NPD

* Michael Jeffery Jones, 32, FTML, DUI, NPD * Thomas Emile Rivers, 32, open container, DUI, FTML, CCSO

* Jonathan Andrew Cannon, 35, DUI, speeding, child endangerment, SPD

* Michael Eric Schoener, 27, impeding flow of traffic, DUI, suspended license, open container, CCSO

* Sherrie Velarde, 22, suspended license, speeding, NPD

* James Martinez, 36, driving without license, no proof of insurance, expired tag, stop sign violation, NPD.

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