Arrest Log

July 26

Danielle Christine Carrier, 23, VOP, NPRB

Trenton Despain Allen, 25, DUI less safe, FTML, CCSO

Fred Steven Young, 62, DUI less safe, reckless driving, striking unattended vehicle, duty upon striking fixture, leaving scene of accident with injury or death, NPD

Zaykeya Martin Carter, 33, HOA, NPD

Jefferson Bryant Allen, 34, VOP

Albert James Muldowney, 20, HOA, CCSO

Elizabeth Medina Mercado, 36, driving without license, failure to yield, NPD

Cody Michael Scarbrough, 20, suspended license, CCSO

Dennis Neal Thomas, 60, HOA, CCSO

Shakeda Renee Harris, 28, suspended license, CCSO

Ryan Helms, 27, DUI drugs, following too closely, no proof of insurance, CCSO

Ventura Aurelio, 26, theft by taking, giving false name, CCSO

Christy Leigh Long, 41, VOP, CCSO

July 27

Jimmy Cole Vickers III, 32, DUI, headlights required, CCSO

Seneca Corneleous Billingslea, 32, VOP, NPD

Rebekah Suzanne Tabb, 20, DUI, minor in possession, FTML, driving withut license, NPD

Bryan James Wilson, 23, furnish alcohol to minor, SPD

Kimberly Woodard, 24, FTA, speeding, NPD

Darins Allen Ervin, 18, possession of marijuana, NPD

Barbara Leslie, 45, driving on wrong side of roadway, driving without license, VOP, NPD

Michael Bryan Martin, 28, criminal trespass, CCSO

July 28

John Christian Wendt, 17, minor in possession, open container, SPD

Joseph Christopher McCay, 28, HOA, NPD

Robbie Mitchell, 32, DUI, open container, CCSO

Sharra Henry, 36, speeding, DUI less safe, suspended/ revoked license, resisting arrest, NPD

Carrissa Sandreka Sherman, 24, shoplifting, VOP, NPD

July 29

Rustin Everett Walden, 57, battery, FVA, CCSO

Bryan James Wilson, 23, entering auto, loitering, obstruction, SPD

Riegel Lamar Brewer, 23, VOP, STPR

Adolfo Ivan Velez-Reyes, 24, entering auto x5, obstruction, loitering

Falynda Michelle Ogletree, 36, VOP

Franandez D Mitchell, 33, VOP

Isaac Tewell Owens, 41, suspended/ revoked license, speeding, NPD

Gabriel Alexander Andrews, 22, no proof of insurance, operating vehicle without registration/ valid tag, GPD

Brandon Michael King, 23, burglary 1st degree, 2nd degree criminal damage to property, CCSO

Lasundra Shanay Mizell, 31, suspended license, SPD

James Charles Little III, 24, VOP, CPRB

Andre Byron Warner, 37, VOP, CPRB Gregory Sims, 60, DUI, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, 1st degree criminal damage to property, CCSO, NPD

Joseph Patrick Kilgore, 31, aggravated stalking, interrupting with calls for emergency assistance, VOP, CCSO

William Andrew Chunn, 29, VOP, STPR

Alexus Ahmed O'Conner, 20, suspended license, speeding, GSP

Christopher James Mitchell, 22, suspended license, no tail lights, GPD

Gerardo Antonio Macoto, 40, driving without license, CCSO

July 31

Jermarcus Armond Florence, 17, burglary 1st degree, NPD

Alan Bernard Bridges Jr., 17, burglary 1st degree, NPD

Bruce Skrine, 54, giving false names, ran red light, wrong side of road, no headlights, reckless driving, suspended license, license display upon demand, CCSO

Kenneth Bernard Powell, 56, VGCSA possession of narcotics, VGCSA possession of drug related objects, CCSO

Jeremy Darvel Stephens, 23, fugitive from justice, NPD

Colby Gentry, 30, VOP, CPRB

Jason Meyer, 30, VOP, CPRB

Ronald Moore, 52, suspended/ revoked license, driving without valid tag

Jackie Percell Berry Jr., 45, DUI, FTML, NPD

Justin Lee Osgood, 22, terroristic threats/acts, CCSO

Donna Marie Swanson, 51, DUI, FTML

Joseph Campbell, 53, VOP, CCSO

Demetrius Tobias Blalock, 24, speeding, CCSO

Tamara Denise Young, 34, suspended license, CCSO

Robert Gene Laster, 43, possession of narcotics with intent, obstruction, possession of firearm by convicted felon, theft by receiving x2, CCSO

Tomas Maurice Gooden, 17, simple assault, criminal damage to property 2nd degree, child cruelty, CCSO

Chermain Denise Tucker, 27, suspended license, GSP

Marcus Newman Sims Jr, 22, suspended license, GDP

Rebecca Drummond, 25, VOP, NPD

Darius Andrew Lee Wood, 31, suspended license, GSP

Sherry Lynn Raines, 49, DUI drugs, following too closely, GSP

Marcus Antwon Ware, 28, simple battery, FVA, CCSO

Kevin Lee Beachboard, 44, VOP, NPRB

Mark Durell Bell, 37, battery, FVA, CCSO

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