Arrest Log

July 6 Mendi Davis Pierce, 40, DUI, no taillights, SPD

Tiffany Elizabeth Gardner, 27, DUI less safe, FTML, suspended license, open container, NPD

Tanga Sophia Cain, 43, suspended license, CCSO

Raven Antoinette Beeks, 19, criminal damage to property second degree, CCSO

Diashonique Martise Butler, 17, shoplifting, NPD

Joel Bazile, 29, DUI, improper turn, FTML, stop sign violation, suspended license, GPD

Barry Crawford Ogletree, 47, VGCSA possession of narcotics, forgery second degree, CCSO

Randall Steven Garland, 26, DUI, speeding, open container, SPD

July 7

Douglas Maurice Truitt, 44, aggravated assault other weapon, fleeing/attempt to elude police officer, NPD

Jimmy Carter Hubbard, 37, DUI less safe, operation of vehicle without registration/valid tag - three counts, improper turn, no brake lights, FTML, GPD

Deante O'Neal Wamen, 20, possession of marijuana, NPD

Richard Trevor Blake, 20, theft by deception, theft by taking, CCSO

Regina Louise Bridges, 56, simple battery, CCSO

Markisha Antoinette Conley, 22, simple battery, CCSO

Esmagardo Rodriquez Rodriquez, 28, driving without license, headlights required, NPD

Gustavus Wilson, 42, DUI, speeding, possession of marijuana, GSP

Tay Shawn Garner, 21, obstruction, CCSO

Wilhelmina Yolanda Heard, 38, VOP, suspended license, CCSO

Alex Lamar Alexander, 26, public drunk, CCSO

Roscoe William Lay, 56, possession of marijuana, CCSO

Dwayne Clinton Bass, 31, possession of meth, possession of marijuana, possession of drug related objects, CCSO

Michael Roy Jones, 43, HOA, CCSO

July 8

Xizi Ouyang, 21, fleeing/attempt to elude police officers, restricted license, speeding, GSP

Cynthia Renee Brazeal, 41, simple battery, FVA, NPD

James Herbert Dietz, 44, simple battery, FVA, NPD

Altonia Hall, 41, driving without license, no registration, CCSO

Terika Poole, 33, speeding, suspended license, GPD

Lucious Jones, 28, VOP, CPRB

Jonathan Alexander, 47, VOP, STPR

Terry Thomas, 38, suspended license, suspended registration, CCSO

Lakushia Johnson, 37, pedestrian under the influence, CCSO

Simon Sanchez Gilbert, 31, driving without license, window tint violation, CCSO

Teodulo Valderrabano-Domingua, broken windshield, driving without license, CCSO

Maurisha Shemyah Sutton, 17, shoplifting, NPD

Johnny Glen Darby, 64, reckless driving, speeding, FTML, CCSO

Evan Thomas Lewandowski, 23, VOP, contempt of child support, CCSO

Stephanie Jean Moran, 34, VOP, CCSO

Javier Sanchez Martinez, 35, driving without license, seat belt violation, ran a red light, NPD

Raven Narvelly Yaul, 20, possession of marijuana, CCSO

Mark Anthony Traylor, Jr., 26, VOP, CCSO

Dwaun Monriquez Tolbert, Sr., suspended license, CCSO

Stanley Marquez Florence, 28, simple battery, CCSO

Marquie Dashune Bell, 20, shoplifting, NPD

Sabrina Gayle Minor, 32, deposit account fraud, CCSO

Diamond Marquis Leslie, 19, suspended license, CCSO

Danny James Faulkner, Jr., 33, shoplifting, CCSO

Dakota Shane Matlock, 17, suspended license, following too closely, GSP

July 9

Natasha Lee Gilbert, 25, speeding, suspended license, GPD

Duane Antonio Henderson, 46, shoplifting, NPD

Dominique Siah Davenport, 24, HOA, CCSO

Matthew Patrick Whitton, Jr., 27, sale of meth, CCSO

Jessica Danielle Loper, 21, sale of meth, CCSO

Darren Andrew Handley, 48, theft by conversion, CCSO

Luis Enrique Diaz, Jr., 33, VOP, CCSO

Brandi Donie Emsley, 44, ID fraud, CCSO

Mandy Joanne Tozzo, 30, DUI drugs, FTML, GSP

Amanda Lynn Rosant, 24, suspended license, CCSO

Zachery Lee Parrott, 23, suspended registration, CCSO

John Andrew Nichols, Jr., 22, VOP

Cynthia Ann Pike, 56, FTA, ordinance violation, CCSO

Michael Austin Dekle, 26, criminal attempted possession of marijuana, communications facility use, CCSO

Charles Thomas Devier, 59, DUI, FTML, CCSO

Willie Hayes, 73, battery, CCSO

Tyrone Charles Sellers, 45, endangering security interests - two counts, CCSO

Stanley Ray Turner, 35, possession of meth, seat belt violation, CCSO

Charles Albert Denham, 30, possession of meth, CCSO

Brian Jamal Garland, 22, obstruction, battery, forgery 2nd degree, HOA

Christopher Ukee Jackson, 30, VOP - two counts, possession of meth, possession of marijuana, FTA, CCSO

Bernard O’neal Watson, 41, possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

Antonio Rodrigo Christian, 44, possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

Michael Frank Izzo, 42, suspended license, CCSO

Christopher Renard Geter, 34, VOP - two counts, CCSO

July 10

Carter Troy Sheheane, 17, possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

Charlise Arnise White, 32, disorderly conduct

Cortorious Bernard Davis, 22, VOP, CCSO

Aeric Anthony Rollins, 18, VOP, CPRB

James Deandra Harden, 40, VOP

Maurice Lashaun Clemmons, 29, VOP, NPRB

Charles Emory Counts, Jr., 23, aggravated child molestation, CCSO

Justine Jwade McCoy, 29, VOP, CCSO

Alicia Marie Martinez, 31, VOP, CPRB

Kimberly Ilene Pritchett, 34, VOP, CPRB

Dequindre Bernard Snellings, 17, possession of marijuana, CCSO

Adarius Tishay White, 18, theft of services, CCSO

Michael Murphy Gwinn, 20, possession of marijuana, NPD.

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