March 26:
Juan Alberto Garcia-Reyes, 30, FTML, driving without license, CCSO
Robert Eugene Clark, 61, theft by shoplifting, CCSO
Megan Ann Faulkner, 23, theft by shoplifting, CCSO
Faith Renea Bullock, 35, suspended license, CCSO
Brandon Matthew Hinson, 20, VOP, CPRB

Diane Taylor Poe, 52, bad check, four counts, CCSO

Amber Colleen Huston, 35, possession of cocaine, criminal trespass, CCSO

Christopher Thomas Hart, 34, VOP

Olegario Lopez Alvarez, 28, no license, expired tag, NPD

Derrick Reshard Mitchell, 23, VOP, probation office

Dany Lee Hammond, 52, criminal trespass

Christopher Thomas Hart, 34, VOP, probation office

Tonya Creel Dawes, 42, theft by shoplifting, cruelty to children third degree NPD

April Nichelle Hayes, 32, burglary, CCSO

Jonise Chinelle Armour, 19, VOP, CCSO

Mario Lorenzo White, 28, VOP, probation office

Danny James Faulkner Jr., 32,, criminal trespass, CCSO

Jeremy Wayne Lites, 27, theft by receiving stolen property, CCSO

Anthony Micheal Prosser 20, possession of marijuana, GPD

Derek Ryan Howell, 17, no license, no taillight, CCSO

Crystal Colleen Brown, 27, trafficking cocaine, CCSO

Ricky Lee Florence Jr., 22, indecent exposure, NPD

Marlee Sha Dettmering, 21, disorderly conduct, SPD.

March 27:

Phillip Nicolas Boyce, 37, possession of marijuana, cracked windshield, unsafe vehicle, GPD

Prince Michael Derring Sr., 53, VOP, STPR

Tangie Teshae Gameron, 17, simple assault, NPD

Brittany Patrice Gonzalves, 26, theft by shoplifting, NPD

Tyrone Ivory, 42, HOA, CCSO

Anthony Darrell Thomas, 28, possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

Angel Esteban Ventura, 25, improper turn signal, driving without license, CCSO

Demarcus Edward Rosser, 20, possession of marijuana with intent, seat belt violation, CCSO

Wendy Paige Smith, 26, VOP, Probation office

James H. Washington Jr., 51, possession of marijuana, display of license tags, GPD

Samuel Joseph Stein, 50, simple battery, criminal damage to property, CCSO.

March 28:

Zak Abiedent Laguda, 20, possession of marijuana, NPD

Ron Julian Donell, 19, possession of marijuana, NPD

Maci Kathleen Mcrae, 19, possession of marijuana, NPD

Martina Laquiel Stephens, 17, affray, CCSO

Jeremy Edward Blankenship, 23, VOP, STPR

Fatteem Siddio Pasha, 30, suspended license, no registration, no insurance, CCSO

Curtis D. Johnston, 22, VOP, NPD

Jose Daniel Velazques, 22, driving without license, CCSO

Johnny Wells, criminal attempt, robbery

Davis Rashad White, 24, VOP, CCSO

Patrick Lee Levell, suspended license, CCSO

Rayneka Naquel Smith, 18, affray, CCSO

Myron Anthony Lewandowski, 23, suspended license, CCSO

Christopher Mattias Byrel, 23, VOP, NPD

Loretta Esoino Hogan, 42, fugitive from justice, CCSO

Bryan Reid Handschuh, 33, DUI, no license, child endangerment, CCSO

Terrance Lamar Bennett, 19, affray, CCSO

Darius Orlando Darby, 17, affray, CCSO

Jeffery Michell Weaver, 20, suspended license, CCSO

Bryan James Wilson, 21, HOA, CCSO

James Daniel McClung, 48, possession of marijuana, CCSO

Kimberly Marie Barber, 23, battery, CCSO

Jasmine Sabrena Culberson, 21, speeding, marijuana possession, CCSO

Christopher Acusta Vargas, 19, FTML, driving w/o license, CCSO.

March 29:

Terry Dean Coalson, 42, suspended license, improper turn, CCSO

Daniel Anthony Mullis, 36, speeding open container, CCSO

Christopher Adain Deluca, 36, following too closely, DUI, NPD

Neville Anthony Mark, 19, driving without license, reckless driving, CCSO

Gary Lee Harper, 39, theft by receiving stolen property, CCSO

Corey Charles Cumbee, 26, sale of Schedule 2 narcotics, CCSO

Quadre Holloway, 20, VOP, parole office

Sterling Roberts, 35, simple assault (FVA), NPD

Kenneth Norwood, 49, possession of narcotics, simple assaut, NPD

Tammy Loomis, 44, DUI, CCSO

Allison Bannister, 27, sale of Schedule 2 narcotics, CCSO

Tanya S. Laback, 25, driving without license, safety belts required

Jacqueline Anna Carter, 20, driving without license, CCSO

Muandarious Hall, 19, possession of marijuana, CCSO

Kenneth Clark Thompson, 42, speeding, fleeing/ attempting to elude

Piper Jude Hines, 34, HOA, CCSO

Jeremiah Tobias Cosby, 21, suspended license, safety belts, CCSO

Shanika Tamika Copney, 36, VOP, CCSO

Cindy Leanna Welch, 52, simple battery, NPD

James Anthony Strickland, 29, marijuana possession, NPD

Maurice Cortez Green, 32, marijuana possession

Gregory Anthony Gates, narcotics possession, weapons possession, weapon during crime

Joseph Allen Busby, 28, marijuana possession

Marvelle Lanell Caster, 33, fugitive from justice, marijuana possession, following too closely, CCSO

Robert Matthew Spruill, 25, VOP, CCSO

Jessica Lynn Demzik, 29, suspended license, failure to yield, CCSO.

March 30:

Joel Carroll Fowler Jr., battery (FVA), CCSO

Shoal Jackson Ginn, 23, disorderly conduct, NPD

Drew Andrew Hines, 23, disorderly conduct, NPD

Melody Ann Ramsey, 38, fugitive from justice

Walter Harold Nolan Jr., 54, FTML, DUI, GSP

Tirrell Shawn Johnson, 43, VOP, CPRB

Jody THomas Potts, 34, probation violation, STPR

Douglas Horn, 24, VOP, CPRB

Jerald Michael Fowler, 22, driving w/o license, possession of marijuana, NPD

Pamela Pettigrew Teague, 49, aggravated stalking, CCSO

Timothy Jerome House, 40, VOP, CPRB

Matthew Charles Carroll, 35, theft by taking, CCSO

Felicia Masha Steel, 33, HOA, NPD

Michael Johnson, 39, HOA, CCSO

Caweigi Darnaz Lavelle, 24, FTA, no license, CCSO

Wyatt Estes Haffley, 37, suspended license, no seatbelt, GPD

Christopher Demond Goode, 24, possession of marijuana with intent, NPD

Richard Franklin Reese III, 24, simple battery, CCSO

Ronald Franklin Bryant, 38, sexual exploitation of children, CCSO

Wilbert Anthony Stepp, 53, disorderly conduct, public drunk, CCSO.

March 31:

Corwin Rayshawn Slaton, 25, VOP, possession of marijuana w/intent, HOA, CCSO

David Dwayne Evans, 26, simple battery, child cruelty third degree, interfering with 911 calls, CCSO

Joshua Kane Payton, 29, terroristic threats and acts, NPD

Tony Warren, 42, battery, obstruction, CCSO

Daniel Keith Thigpen, 46, criminal trespass, CCSO.

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