Middle School Track & Field

Lady Knights, Wolves keep hold of team titles

by Chris Goltermann


Arnall’s Kaysha Parson leads the field in the 100 while competing with Maranda Harbin of Madras, Cylexus Fowler of East Coweta Middle, Shimia Dorsey of Smokey Road, Timelia Berry of East Coweta and Maddie Merritt of Lee during Thursday’s Coweta County Middle School Athletic League Championship. 

Track championship trophies within the Coweta County Middle School Athletic League aren’t going anywhere — at least for another year.

Arnall’s girls and Lee’s boys continued its hold of titles on Thursday while showcasing its depth during the final day of this year’s championship meet at East Coweta High’s Garland Shoemake Stadium.

Points leaders Chasidhe Godfrey and Kaysha Parson led the way for the Lady Knights, who scored 111 points and effectively clinched the meet title early in running finals following the 100 meters.

Godfrey led girls scorers with 24 points following wins in the long jump and shot put on Monday. Running finals had been delayed from Tuesday due to weather and East Coweta’s varsity girls state soccer playoff game.

The championship meet brought together the top eight qualifiers in each event from CCMSAL East and West competitions held last month.

Parson led Arnall’s girls on Thursday, holding on for a 100-meter victory in 13.37 by two-hundredths of a second and placing third in the hurdles at 17.51. She also anchored the Lady Knights’ victory of 4:45.97 in the 1,600 relay.

Parson and Godfrey also joined Arnall teammates Jaqueisha Anderson and Brittany Dunnavant to place second in the 400 relay by one-tenth of second.

Second-place East Coweta — which won the 400 relay in 54.24 and also earned individual victories from Sydney Meadows in both the 1,600 and 800 — held off Lee and Evans in a much more competitive race for the CCMSAL runner-up girls trophy. Both of the Lady Indians’ 1,600 relay teams scored to give East Coweta 70 points, ahead of the Lady Timberwolves (67) and Lady Cougars (63).

Lee’s girls were led by Paishence Collier’s 21 points, which included a victory of 28.97 in the 200, while placing third among individual scorers. She also placed second in the hurdles.

Madras (35) and Smokey Road (26) capped off girls team scores. The Lady Eagles were led by Maranda Harbin’s win of 16.84 in the 100 hurdles while Smokey Road’s girls picked up a win from Aliah Beasley in the 400 (1:04.27)

The only doubt among Lee’s boys, meanwhile, was which of its athletes was going to capture the high-points trophy.

Five Timberwolves led individual point standings led by a trio of Gerald Green, Josh Martin and P.J. Harris en route to a combined team score of 147.75, more than double that of second-place East Coweta.

Lee teammates Peter Walker and Jalen Smith rounded out the meet’s top-five individual scorers.

Green topped all with 30, the first 10 of which came in Tuesday’s long-jump victory. On Thursday, he capped off the meet by finishing second in the 100 (12.11) and 200 (24.94), the latter just behind Russell.

Green and Josh Russell, who also placed second in the 400 in 58.52, were among a 16-point effort by Timberwolves relay teams. The duo combined with Martin and Nick Kantorzyck to win the 400 relay in 47.42.

The meet ended with Green, Russell, Martin and Harris finishing third in the 1,600 relay in 4:02.11.

Also winning events for Lee’s boys on Thursday was Harris during a 1-2 finish in the 800 with Walker where the duo were separated by 34 hundredths of a second led by a mark of 2:20.01.

Kantorzyck captured the hurdles title in 17.02 while Walker earned a win in the 1,600 in 5:21.96 with teammate Gavin Scott placing third.

Lee had multiple scorers in six of the eight running finals held Thursday.

Sweeping both runner-up trophies, East Coweta had multiple scores in three events including Bailey Psathas and Sam Briggs in the 1,600 with second and sixth-place efforts.

Arnall took third among boys with 65.75 points including a final victory in the 1,600 relay among a lineup of Daniel Smith, Brayden Carey, Chase Manning and Jaylen Whisby, which finished in 3:54.30.

Smokey Road (34), Madras (28.75) and Evans (20.75) rounded out boys scores. Smokey Road’s Josh DePeaza earned a victory in the 400 in 24.61 while Omar Bringas captured a win in the 100 for Madras in 12.03.



Team Scores

Arnall 111

East Coweta 70

Lee 67

Evans 63

Madras 35

Smokey Road 26

High Points Winners

1. Chasidhe Godfrey Arnall 24

2. Kaysha Parson Arnall 22.5

3. Paishence Collier Lee 21


1. Paishence Collier Lee 28.97

2. Crystal Burk Evans 29.26

3. Alexis Smith Arnall 29.57

4. Kimberly Carlton East Coweta 30.19

5. Maddie Merritt Lee 30.34

6. Timelia Berry East Coweta 30.97


1. Sydney Meadows East Coweta 6:07.08

2. Kelley Lynch Lee 6.07.25

3. Haley Davis East Coweta 6:18.05

4. Hallie Goolsby Evans 6:24.03

5. Hannah Marriaga Evans 6:31.59

6. Ansley Cost Smokey Road 6:34.20

400 Relay

1. East Coweta ‘A’ 54.24

(Kimberly Carlton, Timelia Berry, Jailon Curry, Cylexus Fowler)

2. Arnall ‘A’ 54.34

(Jaqueisha Anderson, Brittany Dunnavant, Chasidhe Godfrey, Kaysha Parson)

3. Smokey Road ‘A’ 55.28

(Tamera Blake, Maxy Gates, Shimia Dorsey, Aliah Beasley)

4. Lee ‘A’ 55.75

(Nahla Muhammad, Maddie Merritt, Jenna Bridges, Paishence Collier)

5. Arnall ‘B’ 56.49

(Felicia Hendrix, Tyla Ingram, Alexis Smith, Haleigh Watson)

6. Evans ‘A’ 56.95

(Crystal Burk, Madyson Ware, Maggie Strickland, Hallie Goolsby)


1. Aliah Beasley Smokey Road 1:04.27

2. Felicia Hendrix Arnall 1:05.75

3. Demasia Ingram Arnall 1:09.01

4. Maggie Strickland Evans 1:10.18

5. Olivia Sims Madras 1:10.91

6. Abbie Chavas East Coweta 1:11.50


1. Kaysha Parson Arnall 13.37

2. Maranda Harbin Madras 13.39

3. Cylexus Fowler East Coweta 13.73

4. Shimia Dorsey Smokey Road 13.80

5. Timelia Berry East Coweta 13.94

6. Maddie Merritt Lee 14.04

100 Hurdles

1. Maranda Harbin Madras 16.84

2. Paishence Collier Lee 17.44

3. Kaysha Parson Arnall 17.51

4. Tamaria Baker Evans 18.16

5. Chasidhe Godfrey Arnall 18.60

6. Maxy Gates Smokey Road 19.35


1. Sydney Meadows East Coweta 2:56.17

1,600 Relay

1. Arnall ‘A’ 4:45.97

(Demasia Ingram, Felicia Hendrix, Brittany Dunnavant, Kaysha Parson)

2. Lee ‘A’ 4:48.63

(Marlayna Cromedy, Kelley Lynch, Maddie Merritt, Paishence Collier)

3. Arnall ‘B’ 4:50.99

(Adrianna Horton, Tyla Ingram, Breanna Swindle, Aaliyah Lee)

4. East Coweta ‘B’ 4:54.91

(Alexandria Colton, Haley Young, McKenzie Hannah, Jailon Curry)

5. Evans ‘A’ 4:58.60

(Maggie Strickland, Maria Juarez, Ariel Adams, Jamaya Collins)

6. East Coweta ‘A’ 5:02.15

(Haley Norris, Abbie Chaves, Amberlynn Koening, Kendall Kellum)


Team Scores

Lee 147.75

East Coweta 75

Arnall 65.75

Smokey Road 34

Madras 28.75

Evans 20.75

High Points Winners

1. Gerald Green Lee 30

2. Josh Martin Lee 26

3. P.J. Harris Lee 22


1. Omar Bringas Madras 12.03

2. Gerald Green Lee 12.11

3. Dantarius Chunn East Coweta 12.12

4. Josh Martin Lee 12.30

5. Emmanuel Williams Evans 12.64

6. Ryan Dyal East Coweta 12.98


1. Josh Martin Lee 24.61

2. Gerald Green Lee 24.75

3. Chase Manning Arnall 24.94

4. Dantarius Chunn East Coweta 25.33

5. Omar Bringas Madras 25.33

6. Amarii Strickland East Coweta 26.07


1. Josh DePeaza Smokey Road 57.46

2. Josh Russell Lee 58.52

3. Jaylen Whisby Arnall 58.54

4. Daniel Smith Arnall 59.88

5. A.J. Alford Evans 59.95

6. Nick Holden Lee 1:00.53

400 Relay

1. Lee ‘A’ 47.42

(Josh Russell, Josh Martin, Nick Kantorzyck, Gerald Green)

2. Madras ‘A’ 48.42

(Omar Bringas, Romir Fowler, Elijah Totty, Levi Robinson)

3. East Coweta ‘A’ 48.49

(Ryan Dyal, Joseph Fryer, Amarii Strickland, Dantarius Chunn)

4. Evans ‘A’ 49.41

(Emmanuel Williams, Vyshahn Wright, Jaquaz Walker, James Mason)

5. Arnall ‘A’ 49.68

(Daniel Smith, C.J. Powell, Jaylen Whisby, Chase Manning)

6. Arnall ‘B’ 50.72

(Eu’Quiri Clarke, Juan Calipolitti, Jayleen Heard, Brayden Carey)


1. Peter Walker Lee 5:21.96

2. Bailey Psathas East Coweta 5:26.90

3. Gavin Scott Lee 5:28.30

4. Matthew Sutherland Madras 5:28.97

5. Trevor Bishop Arnall 5:31.26

6. Sam Briggs East Coweta 5:31.26


1. P.J. Harris Lee 2:20.01

2. Peter Walker Lee 2:20.35

3. Austin Holland East Coweta 2:23.80

4. Jake Reed East Coweta 2:28.46

5. Jack Carroll Smokey Road 2:34.03

6. Josh DePeaza Smokey Road 2:35.07

100 Hurdles

1. Nick Kantorzyck Lee 17.02

2. Jaquaz Walker Evans 17.52

3. Juan Calipolitti Arnall 17.97

4. Elijah Totty Madras 18.23

5. C.J. Powell Arnall 18.30

6. Joseph Fryer East Coweta 18.35

1,600 Relay

1. Arnall ‘A’ 3:54.30

(Daniel Smith, Brayden Carey, Chase Manning, Jaylen Whisby)

2. Smokey Road ‘A’ 4:00.74

(Jacorey Harris, Mautavier Parks, Josh DePeaza, Charles Brewster)

3. Lee ‘A’ 4:02.11

(Joshua Russell, Gerald Green, P.J. Harris, Josh Martin)

4. East Coweta ‘B’ 4:05.59

(Ryan Dyal, Antwon Church, Ramal Holston, Amarii Strickland)

5. East Coweta ‘A’ 4:08.39

(Bailey Psathas, Sam Briggs, Xavier Church, Jake Reed)

6. Lee ‘B’ 4:08.94

(Julian Connell, Nick Holden, Nick Kantorzyck, Peter Walker)

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