Pastor's Corner

The five biggest career mistakes Christians make

by Daniel Ausbun

Unfortunately many Christians compartmentalize their lives.

They have categories such as work, family, church, personal time, education and friends. I know people who have their “business” Facebook profile and their “personal” one.

As if they leave work and transform into a different person. The Christian should live a life of transparency. Private, secret lives are not characteristics of what it means to follow Christ.

One of the greatest mission fields a believer will go to everyday is his job. You’ll spend hours, weeks and years with the same people. Here are five career mistakes many believers make at work.

• Over-spiritualizing your career situation.

God is not going to hand you a job on a silver platter. You must pay your dues like everyone else. This means beginning at the entry level, obtaining the education needed and displaying a favorable work-ethic.

Colossians 3:22 reminds believers they should have a wholehearted work ethic, not one only while they’re being watched. Simply because you’re a Christian, God is not going to bless your career. Laziness, poor work ambition and speaking negatively about your employer are all condemned in Scripture.

As you struggle along in your career path, spiritual growth will occur.

• Ignoring what’s right in front of you. All Christians believe God has a great plan for us. What we forget is that is takes years of dirty work getting there.

Most of us want to skip the unpleasant parts of life and get to the very end. Even Jesus had to go through the cross to get to the Resurrection.

If you’re developing a bad attitude because you’re not as far along in your career as you’d like, you’re likely missing the opportunities right before you. Remember, the mission field isn’t just overseas, it’s at work every day.

• Being afraid of the secular world.

Christians can’t isolate themselves from culture. A believer’s hope isn’t in America or the Republican Party, but in Christ. We’re commissioned to infiltrate and navigate the world – not live in ignorance.

Want to change America’s culture? Be apart of it. Want to be an influencer? Get an education. Want to impact the world? Be engaged in it. Jesus told His followers they’re the salt of the earth.

• Using your job as stomping grounds for evangelism.

Christians are called to spread the Gospel wherever they go, but your place of employment cannot be a place of excessive evangelism. Christians must be wise with their witness.

Your co-workers will listen to you about the Lord after they know how much you care for them. If possible, begin a weekly devotional among your co-workers. Invite them to your meetings, and while at the devotional communicate the Gospel. Try to practice permission evangelism.

• Underestimating your own power and potential.

God could use you to begin a revival at your workplace. Lives saved, marriages restored – and a God-honoring attitude established at your company. You want to be a humble, yet assertive Christian in the workplace.

Don’t arrogantly use the Bible as a way to condemn people’s actions and behaviors.

Present Christ as someone’s only hope. Once someone has new life in Christ, then their actions and attitudes begin to change. We can’t change people, only Christ can. He can even change the people you work with.

There is great spiritual value in work. Christians can be a bright light in a corrupt business world.

The greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul and mind (Matthew 22:37). When you’re totally His, whether at work, church or school – you don’t want to waste any opportunities to witness among the people you spend a majority of your time with.

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