Sound Off for Sunday

Way to go: Thanks to the two gentlemen’s letters to the editor in Wednesday’s Times-Herald.

Outstanding: The editorial on 7-5-13 was truly outstanding. Wish it could be published in every newspaper in the country. Should be required reading for everyone, especially those behind a mike in television. Great job - thank you.

Tell it like it is:  I want to commend you on your editorial in the paper July 5th. I never believed I would read something that told it like it truly is. There is a double standard in this country now, and has been for years. What has happen to Paula Deen is a disgrace. This liberal media that pretends not to be judgmental is a joke. They slant the news to fit their agenda. 

I found them: I don’t know how anyone can miss the Democrats in Coweta County. They are in the Sound Off almost daily. They are easily identifiable - long on insult and short on logic.

It’s the speed limit: The speed limit is not the slowest you should drive! Too many feel the need to drive faster then the posted speed limit. 

Paula Deen Editorial: Three loud cheers for the NTH editorial on Paula Deen. You said what we are all thinking and I am proud to subscribe to my wonderful hometown paper. Long may you print!

He’ll walk: Just like the officers who beat Rodney King, and just like O.J. who almost surely killed two people, George Zimmerman will walk.

Leave me alone: You can worship God, Jesus, a cow, a rock, Mohammed or anything else you want to, as long as you don’t decide to start trying to kill folks who don’t worship like you do. It’s none of my business until you start interfering with my worship. Then we got a problem.

Noah’s flood: I sent out a dove this morning and it returned with a magnolia leaf. I think the waters are receding.

Share the food: In a world where hunger exists anywhere, competitive eating contests are disgraceful.

Keeping it real: One tattoo that can be covered and a few piercings are one thing. But if you cover yourself in ink and staple your entire face shut, good luck finding someone to hire you, I don’t care what kind of degree you have. Most retailers won’t even hire you with a visible tattoo anymore.

Hello code enforcement: We really need to check the job description of the Code Enforcement people of Coweta County. Too many vacant dilapidated uninhabitable buildings, a boarding house in town that has two dozen people living and hanging on the porch, and also what about the Stacy’s sign. Stacy’s has been closed for years, but the sign remains. Do they work on a regular basis? 

He’ll walk 2: Because the evidence will not reach the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt, Zimmerman will walk, just like O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony. 

It’s not about color: It is shameful that many people have joined Team Zimmerman or Team Trayvon just because of their color and irrespective of any other consideration. 

Shun the advocate: No, diabetics shouldn’t be shunned. But someone who advocates a diet full of butter, fat and sugar that gives folks diabetes should be shunned - especially if that person keeps the fact that she has diabetes a secret and then signs a lucrative contract with a drug company to promote their diabetes drug.

Accepting: Lifelong Southerner here, and I accept gay marriage. There were Southerners who accepted black civil rights, too. 

You need the education: I’m tattooed and pieced, hold 3 college degrees, own a beautiful home, and am happily married to the father of my child. Maybe your narrow mindedness is a sign of your lack of education.

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