Sound Off for Thursday

At least some progress: He did haul away the stacks of tires and the old mattresses. Hurray for that. Now if he would just get the bulldozers and the wrecking ball to take down the Newnan House Motel. Owner, you know who you are, and soon a lot of people will know. Do the right thing.

Control the kids: I stopped in at pizza place to get a bowl of soup and a slice of pizza. The food was good, but there was a group of two couples with seven kids. The adults sat at one end of the table and let the kids run wild. The kids beat on the table, were yelling at each other and running around. All the while the adults paid no attention to these actions. What has happened to respect? 

Smoke signals: Due to the recent phone tapping scandals, I have decided to use what my ancestors used. I decided to use smoke signals to send messages. Can you hear me now, President Obama? Hee, hee.

Broken back: I asked my 90-year-old neighbor what he thought of our government now. He stated that our back is broken. I asked him how. He replied we are financially broke, our faith in government is broken, broken political system, broken public schools, broken faith in religion, and broken promises by our leaders. Yup! After that, I agree our back is broken.

Allah and God: To the person who doesn’t recall Allah being in the “one nation, under god” motto, you do realize that Allah and “God” are literally the same, right?

I don’t get it: Sorry, but I still don’t understand a grown man sticking a bunch of frizzy headed, half-dressed Barbies on a pile of sand. Maybe I’m not easily amused.

Worship this: In this country, you can worship a cow, kiss a Cobra, call out to Allah, believe that Hell is an icehouse or whatever. Just don’t try to stop me from worshiping God according to the dictates of my conscience. ‘Nuff said.

Secularist: It is quite possible and common to be a Christian and also be a secularist. That describes most of our Founding Fathers and the ideas that this country was built on. A secular nation, not a Christian nation. Read the Treaty of Tripoli.

Why am I paying?: I went to the Wells Fargo bank to cash a check drawn on their bank. They would not cash the check without charging me $7.50. There is no rhyme or reason they shouldn’t cash their own check. Is there anything more aggravating than that?

Come back, Palin: I hope we have not heard the last of Sarah Palin.  She is 10 times smarter than Obama. Maybe his 15 minutes of fame is about over.

No respect: If a man steals, he is a thief. It does not matter who he is. If a person lies, he is a liar. It does not matter who he is, Obama included. We respect the office, not the man. He lost that a long time ago.

Obama or Congress: Everyone in the Sound Off can’t take two breaths without mentioning Obama and how dangerous he is. For those who do pay attention, the evil and danger is in Congress. Apparently, the distracting propaganda is working.

Dangerous intersection: The intersection of Highways 16 and 54 is incredibly dangerous. I drive that way every day and many drivers are getting antsy and impatient and try to “jump” their turn at the stop sign. Can we get a roundabout or a traffic signal here, please?

Love my coupons: I use coupons and save hundreds monthly. If you don’t like it, tough. Would you rather pay more in taxes for me to collect food stamps? I really doubt it, so get over it. 

Coupon clipper: I use coupons to buy food and I save over $70.00 a week and over $3,500 a year and use the savings to fund my Harley trips. Maybe you are just plain old jealous of our wise fiscal savings.

Coupon lane comment: With the bar codes on each coupon, it only takes a second to scan the bar code and ring it up, about the same time it takes to scan and ring up a purchased item.

Falling apart: It is sad to see a popular downtown restaurant on the decline after being in business for more than 20 years. It is amazing how much of a difference one person can make in a restaurant.

What?  No bikini contests in the Miss USA pageant? That does it, Mr President. First, Benghazi, then IRS, then tapping my phones. But this is where I draw the the line. I will protest this to Joe Biden all the way to the top.

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