War and wars: If John McCain were president, we would be in five or six wars by now.

Short focus: The hysterical criticism of Obama is not unlike that aimed at Lincoln, FDR and Truman by short-sighted critics.

Adoration: Will sexual assaults moderate the excessive military worship in this country?

Go away: I think Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes of fame has expired.

Help: Please, Sound Off person - Print the name and telephone number of the politician people should call about the hotel that is driving everyone crazy. Complaining on Sound Off ain’t working.

Death panel: You will really appreciate Obamacare when your parents and grandparents begin to die because of the Obamacare death panel. Check it out before you deny the death panel is there. 

Liar, liar: Susan Rice got on TV and lied five times. Obama promoted her to a higher position. She thanks us for our confidence in her? What confidence do we have in her or Obama?

I don’t get it: Why is it that the bypass is four lanes or more until you get to Bullsboro Drive and then have to get in one lane to go north?

Thank you: I would like to thank the person who paid for my wife’s and my sandwich at Subway. I do not know you but appreciate you doing that.

Freedom destroyed: IRS scandals only prove that the sick Left never will understand freedom, or “limited” government. They want all freedoms destroyed.

Social jail: I have come across a few profiles on Facebook lately of people in prison here in Coweta County and state prisoners. Since when are prisoners allowed Internet access? Who allowed such authorization to use funds to support prisoner Internet access? How are they getting such access in their cells? Are they not in jail serving hard time? 

To quote: “To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. And to be late is unacceptable.”

Dems watch: The housing and banking fiasco belongs to Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, who were in charge of housing and banking during the time Congress was majority Democrat. And go back to the policies of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, who also contributed to the housing foreclosure fiasco. 9/11 was planned on Clinton’s watch and carried out during Bush’s watch.

Rand Paul: The implosions seem to be coming from the White House and their scandals. Rand Paul is changing the face of the GOP. He’s what this country needs.

Make no mistake: I’m a Republican, and have no problem laying the blame for the wars we were in, and the lives lost, at Bush’s feet. Now it’s up to someone else to bring our soldiers home. So he needs to do it already.

Coupon lane: The “big deal” is, we’ve already waited while the cashier rang your four cartloads of deodorant and Pine Sol, and then we have to wait while they scan your 400 coupons. There should be one lane for that, so you people can stand in line behind each other.

Obey the law: The IRS should follow the law, period -- and give “controversial” organizations no more and no less scrutiny than they would some “noncontroversial” organization like ACORN or OFA.

Get real: Tyrone Brooks saying he didn’t steal one million dollars is like Bill Clinton saying he didn’t have sex with “that girl, Monica Lewinsky.” Rave on, Tyrone, you phony.

Family Feud: According to a commercial, this game show hosted by Steve Harvey is for family. Well, the words that are used in the game and the comments made are certainly not for children. In fact, most of the game shows on TV now have become too raunchy.

How do you feel?: Mr. Frank Banta, it should take only one more letter and you will convince us that you really do not like President Obama.

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