The real vote: Oklahoma congressmen did not vote against federal relief for the Hurricane Sandy victims. They voted against all the crap the Democrats added to the bill that had nothing to do with relief efforts. But you Liberals won’t let facts get in the way of your accusations. Boomer Sooner!

Not Racist: I often wonder why so many comments are masked put-downs to blacks.One would think that they had overthrown the U.S. and claimed it for themselves or Africa. Black people are not the only reason America is great, but they certainly played an important part and deserve respect for blood sacrifices, personal contributions and plenty more.My country, too.

Mosquitoes: I live in the city and didn’t know Newnan sprays for mosquitoes. I am surprised that a city that considers itself progressive would be using such an outdated and expensive, not to mention unhealthy and ecologically-unfriendly, means to control mosquitoes. I hope the city considers more environmentally-friendly ways to reduce the mosquito population such as putting bti mosquito dunks in public standing water like storm drains, etc. 

Stop looking back: Boy, what a bunch of sour pusses! The Regressives ‘round here sure are unhappy about everything. We are never going back to the ‘40s and ‘50s, so try to make the best of the few years you have left. Try to remember what your mama told you: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be happy.

Old views: I asked an old acquaintance of mine to give me his perspective on Obama’s administration today. He stated that he has an old dog that can no longer see, hear or hunt, much like the big dog we have in office today.

Survey says: I did a survey of 20 professed liberals and 20 did not know where Benghazi is and 19 did not know who the secretary of state is. Twenty did not know who is vice president, and 20 out of 20 did not know where Obama grew up or know what state he started his political career.

D-Day: Obama not visiting “the monument” is a bit ambiguous. In fact, visiting anything D-Day related is a fairly recent establishment - most presidents since 1944 haven’t.

Feel the love: It is refreshing to know that out of the millions of Ultra Right-Wing Tea Party members there is one who is not a hate-monger. It is a step in the right direction [no pun intended], but remember, you are judged by the company you keep.

Or java: When did it become “a coffee” instead of “some coffee”?

Keep them home: The Coweta County Fire Department has an anti-nepotism rule. Firefighters are family, regardless of blood. With this rule, we’re losing some mighty good men to surrounding counties. Reconsider, commissioners?

Kill the comics: So the stock market report is not in the paper anymore. If you had to cut something, why not the comics? I don’t know anyone who still reads those.

Gay scouts: So they are going to let the gay boy scouts in but not the gay scout leaders. What does that tell you?

Thank a vet: May you all have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend. Remember the purpose of this holiday and the fallen who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to secure our freedoms.

Hello: Why hello, summer time. I was starting to think you wouldn’t be coming around this year ... winter never did.

Obama/Hitler: To the letter writer who claimed a recent editorial about calling presidents “Hitler” was an insult to those who fought in WWII — you, sir, are an insult not only to those who fought, but also the millions of Jews, handicapped people, gypsies and homosexuals the Nazis murdered. I think Obama is a horrible president, and he scares me, but he’s no mass murderer.

Fix sidewalks: School is out. How about fixing the ruined and dangerous curbs and sidewalks on Nimmons Street? Sure would make walking the kids to school safer.

Congrats, grads: Way to go, Coweta County high school graduates. Enjoy the summer, and good luck on the next stage in life.

Speaking of Benghazi ... With all this Benghazi talk - nobody’s saying anything about the anti-Muslim movie that started this riot. Or was that a lie, too? Oh yeah, of course it was. Why is everybody ignoring that?

Bears! With bears part of the landscape in North Georgia, and following several reported sightings to the south in the Pine Mountain area and as close as Hogansville, it was only a matter a time before they narrowed the gap and ambled their way to one of the best counties in the state. Oh, boy.

Liars: The national media (“I did not have sex with that woman”), Facebook (“Look how great my vacation was”), LinkedIn (“I speak 25 languages and invented the wheel”), and dating websites (“36-26-37” and “I love long walks on the beach”) frequently make liars out of us.

Indy snuck up: So the Indy 500 is this weekend. With so little buildup, I thought the only racing still around was NASCAR.

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