Sound Off for May 16, 2013

Things are not okay: So you think the economy is just fine because there is some evidence of increased economic activity in Coweta County? Unemployment is at 7.5%, real unemployment at 15%, and minority youth unemployment at 46%. Forty-six million on food stamps. Sub-par growth since President Obama took office. What planet are you living on?

Father of the year: Not the smartest day in the world. On Hal Jones Road a father cutting grass on a riding mower while holding a 2- and a 3-year-old under one arm, and a 3-year-kid under one arm.

Let Harley ride again: Gas up to $3.52 again. I saw Harley the Beagle and Coach Mike walking, and he told me he can’t afford to drive his motorcycle due to gas spikes so they are walking and poor Harley looked pitiful. Please bring down the gas prices so Harley can ride and sing Alan Jackson’s tunes.

Coweta County economy improving? Says who? We do not need new hotels, three more new car dealers, no new government buildings or lawyer offices, or new judges with high expense accounts, or courts or the school administration buying up all properties near Charter. We need new capital, not more tax draining taxpayers.

You want the truth? I watched the hearing on Bengahzi. The Republicans want to find out the truth, the Democrats want to cover it up.

Gillespie case: I believe the judge’s actual words were to “move on.”

Thanks: It’s refreshing not to have to see all of the negative comments at the end of each article since the NTH went to publishing your name if you posted.

What time is it? Why is it that the time/temperature signs around town don’t seem to work properly or at all? Seems that if the money was spent to put them up, then maintenance shouldn’t be an issue.

When? What I would like to know is, when are we getting a Varsity Jr?

Thanks for the memories: Goodbye, Dr. Barron, and good luck in Montana.

Still a disgrace: Yellow caution tape along the spikes at the Newnan House Motel looks great. Where are the county code enforcement people? Make the owner either rebuild or tear it down. The best suggestion, tear it down; it is a shame and a disgrace.

So long: The best thing could ever happen is for Linda Kirkpatrick to resign from the Welcome House. Now maybe a new director can run it like it is supposed to be run.

Why cover? Guns prevent evil acts every day. It’s so common that the news media doesn’t bother to report on it because it’s a dog-bites-man story.

Violence never solved anything: Except gaining American independence, ending slavery, stopping Hitler and Mussolini, stopping bin Laden, stopping Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Yeah, I see your point. “Peace” indeed.

Botched: Abortion is the only medical procedure where it’s called “botched” if nobody dies.

Wow: I am impressed! My youngest is an NHS senior. I didn’t think the Sprayberry/Jackson intersection would be finished this school year. I will always remember it was completed before 2013 graduation. Way to go, GDOT.

Where’s the proof? Seventy-five percent seems to be the percentage of choice for those conveying their prejudices in Sound Off. There is no scientific research to support the claim that homosexuals are more likely to molest children than heterosexuals. In fact, most child molesters have no adult sexual orientation at all. They are fixated on children.

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