Sound Off - Friday, May 3

Remember history: People forget what has happened in history. Hitler took guns away from the people. The people were not able to defend themselves; he then threw Jews into death camps.


Working presidents: Ex-presidents Carter and Clinton work to make the world a better place; Bush clears brush and paints.


Missing Boomer: Lets put a statue of Boomer sitting on one of the park benches on the courthouse square. I sure miss him.


Where’d that come from? To the “Jesus is coming back to put the white man in his place” venter ... where’d you find that little treasure? In the Koran?


Read the manual: To the person running a red light, read the driver’s manual before you fault the police. You do not speed up while approaching a traffic light. You just were in too much of a hurry to stop for a red light.


Learn from the masters: Humble is a word that young educators need to learn. When I started teaching I respected the veteran teachers. I looked up to them, asked and took their advice. With their guidance I have become the teacher I am today. The young teachers of today look down on us older teachers. They need to learn from us master teachers and also learn a little humility.


Don’t run it: So you speed up to run a red light and you think it’s safer? You’re just lucky no one was traveling through that intersection for you to broadside at a higher rate of speed. Yellow means be prepared to stop. Just face it, you did something wrong and got caught, but blame the police for doing their job.


Grab your wallet: Congress is wrong to pass Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013, S.743 (sales tax on Internet sales). Anytime you see the word “fairness” in the name of legislation, you need to hang on to your wallet.


Too rude: To the woman in line behind me at the Kroger gas station last week: Your boorish demand for your receipt proved to the cashier, the man in line behind you, and to me that you are not only a rude and arrogant individual, but a condescending snob. You may have more money than the cashier and those of us in line, but having money doesn’t make you superior to us. 


The hardest grades: In reference to no kindergaten teachers, let me ask the writer if they’ve ever spent one day in that teacher’s shoes. I have. The hardest grades to teach are pre-K and kindergarten. That is where our future leaders get their bases. The teachers need all the education they can get. Try going to first grade without pre-K and kindergarten skills and see what you get.


No hot water: Why can’t we have hot water to wash our hands at our schools?


Save the lemonade: My son held a lemonade stand sale this past Saturday. Many slowed down just enough for my son to hope for a sale only to be disappointed as they drove away. Whatever happened to the time when we would never pass up the opportunity to support a young child trying to earn a few extra dollars? Shame on those that ever pass up a child selling lemonade, crushing what I term the entrepreneurial spirit.

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