Sound Off - Sunday, April 28

Let Obama go: Ever think people in West, Texas, might appreciate the president attending their memorial service? The president attends as a representative of all Americans. Since Obama was in Texas for the Bush library opening, it would’ve been unthinkable not to attend. Never heard people post-tragedies gripe when a president attend memorials.


Totally off the wall: You say, “When Jesus comes back, it will be to show the white man that he don’t own or run the world.” Do you really believe that’s why Jesus is coming back —to put white men in their place? Really? Where do these off-the-wall, racist statements come from?


Delay doesn’t matter: What would happen if we had universal gun background checks and registration? What would happen if semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines were banned? I’m not talking about criminals, since we know they’ll always have guns. How would a regular citizen be impacted by a few days delay in purchasing weapons?


Too confusing: That 54-46 vote was 54 NO’s. 46 YES’s. The bill had nine parts. Some got as few as 30 YES votes. The one you refer to was back-ground checks. The majority did rule — 46 is not more than 54.


Now they’ll move: I changed my car horn to gunshot sounds. People hogging the left lane move out of the way much faster now.


Wonderful performance: We recently relocated from Atlanta to Newnan. If we ever had any reservations about the quality of the cultural arts in Newnan, the recent performance at the Charles Wadsworth Auditorium quickly dispelled them. It would be very difficult to find a stage filled with more talent in any major city. 


Can’t reach her: I was going to write Norma Haynes a nice reply about her column on how technology is ruling our lives, but I couldn’t find her email address or cell phone number to message her.


Lovin Harley: I love Harley the Beagle! Saw him google-eyeing a Chichuahua named Maria in a red Kia at Texas Road House Monday night, all dressed up in black riding leather gear with a top of a football for a helmet and sitting on a Harley Road King.

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