Wednesday's Editorial

Rants & Raves

A look back at the highs and lows of the past week.

RAVE: Newnan City Council members, like the rest of us, are sick of looking at dilapidated houses left in unsafe conditions. They are pushing forward on a resolution to change state law to allow local governments to at least be able to secure the buildings so children don’t get hurt.

RAVE: To Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers area. Back in 1999, the organization had gross revenue of $3.8 million and got 19 people employed. Last year, the group had $27.1 million in gross revenue and placed 3,507. Talk about consistent growth.

RANT: To President Obama — yes, we know, easy — for failing to adequately fund the Savannah ports harbor deepening as promised. In fact, the budget amount is “tens of millions” short. But we still have plenty to give to (fill in the name of whatever country hates us]. Did we just use a politician and “promised” in the same sentence?

RAVE: To the Coweta County Board of Education for naming five new principals from within the system’s ranks. When schools are failing, it’s time to look outside. But our county’s educational system is among the best, and when things are going well, stay with those who brought us this far.

RAVE: We were about to show off our writing prowess, but since Northgate High School student Haley Potter just won first place in the state Department of Education Young Georgia Authors Writing Contest, we thought better of it. Congratulations, Miss Potter.

RAVE: To the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office drug investigators for nabbing eight individuals in three separate drug busts in a matter of days. These guys face drugged-up criminals at all hours to help keep our streets safer.

RANT: Well, another woman beaten so hard she falls and breaks a toilet and wakes up with her boyfriend trying to slap her awake. Time to start publishing photos of these “gentlemen.” If you have no honor, then maybe embarrassment might work — or at least women will know whom not to date.

RAVE: To Newnan senior soccer player Ivy Batten for a stirring rendition of the National Anthem prior to Wednesday’s Newnan-Westlake baseball game.

RAVE: And a congrats to our own Rep. Lynn Smith for being recognized as one of 2013’s most influential legislators. We are fortunate to have her representing Newnan and Coweta County and thankful she’s planning on staying around for a long time representing our interests. Right, Rep. Smith, right?

RAVE: To the organizers and more than 350 participants of the inaugural RACE for the Orphans, which helps families in their attempts to adopt orphans in foreign countries. A truly noble cause.

RANT: To the Coweta County Board of Commissioners, who now don’t release the agenda supporting documents until the day before the meeting. That information used to be published the Friday before, the same day the city of Newnan release its. If people find something of interest and want to make the meeting, they should have time to be prepared and not have to wait until the day before. Please go back to releasing the documents on Friday. Thanks.

RAVE: And a shout-out to Coweta’s libraries in honor of National Library Week. More than 113,000 items were checked out in the Coweta County Public Library System last quarter, up 10 percent over the same period last year. Computer hours also are up, another way to help those without. 

RANT X INFINITY: To the vendors who sold the state whatever-the-heck program it is to the Department of Driver’s Services. And same goes to state officials for not getting it fixed. Constant computer crashes lead to long waits throughout the state for those wanting to renew driver’s licenses or pay the state taxes. Vendors and others responsible are sentenced to drive to the Bullsboro DDS office when “a printer is down” in order to get their licenses. They can then hop over to the county tag office and pay their taxes. Make sure you are there before 4:30 p.m. or you might get turned away.

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