Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers:

RANT: First, Grantville Police Chief Doug Jordan, who is white, resigns following group text messages from a year ago show he used the N-word. Then Grantville City Councilman Barham Lundy is caught on tape using the same word. However, since he’s black, Lundy said it was OK. On what planet?

RAVE: To all the officials and other supporters in Newnan and Coweta County who have gone up to Atlanta to testify in favor of a behavioral hospital in downtown. The state denied the original Certificate of Need, saying there are plenty of treatment facilities available. Local speakers are trying to convince the state they need to work on their math.

REALLY?!? Hopefully, lightning doesn’t strike twice for Sean O’Connor, who got slammed with a bolt of Zeus’ wrath and lived to tell the tale. The impact knocked him across his driveway, and yes, knocked his shoes off as well – and one was smoking.

RAVE: To all the organizers and volunteers who hosted about 400 paddlers in the Chattahoochee Bend River Fest, a joint effort of the Friends of Chattahoochee State Park and Main Street Newnan. Crowds got to watch kayak tug-of-wars, listen to music and help out the group taking a weeklong trip down the river. Newnan hosted the paddlers for two nights.

RANT: William Mark Vining, 44, is facing charges of trafficking meth after a Coweta County sheriff’s deputy found the alleged drugs during a traffic stop. The bag weighed 1.181 pounds, or 535.9 grams. Under Georgia law, anything over 28 grams is considered trafficking and anything over 400 grams carries a mandatory sentence of 25 years and a $1 million fine. Is it really worth it?

RAVE: And a tip of the hat to our own Keith Brady, Newnan’s mayor. He was just elected president of the Georgia Municipal Association during the organization’s annual meeting. He is the first from Newnan to hold the post. GMA is a non-profit group that provides legislative advocacy, educational, employment benefit and technical assistance to its 520 member cities.

RAVE: Let’s hear it for Cowetans Justin Wasil and Forest Bolton, who won a combined five medals in cycling at the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games earlier this month. The two were among 18 athletes who made up Team Georgia for the national competition. Their coach, Wendall Warr, said it best: “It inspires me just to see all their hard work come together at the national championship. It inspires me that anything is possible.” Awesome job, gentlemen.

RANT: A three-vehicle accident sent five people, one critical, to area hospitals. Sadly, a young mother, Kristen "Hannah" Hobbs, 20, of Senoia, was declared brain dead later at the hospital. She was an organ donor, and in the midst of this tragedy, seven individuals will continue to live thanks to her generosity. Our prayers are with her family.

REALLY?!? Maybe they were supplying Colorado pot stores. In any event, a major marijuana growing operation discovered in Coweta is no more. Coweta County investigators discovered more than 350 plants and about $300,000 worth of growing equipment at a Senoia residence. The plants alone were valued at more than $1 million.

REALLY?!? This one may well go down in the history books. Seems Jessie Griffin of Sargent, along with his girlfriend and two children, went to the Hardee’s on Temple Avenue. After ordering at the drive-thru, they were told to park and wait. Apparently that wait was too long for Griffin, who soon walked in and became belligerent. He later went back to his car and pulled what employees thought was a shotgun from the trunk of his car and began threatening everyone. All over some not-so-fast food. Please, get a life.

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