Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers:

RAVE: Qualifying season is over and the campaigning for federal, state and local races begins soon. It’s gratifying in this country that anyone who meets the requirements can run for public office. Now if we can just get people to exercise something those in many countries don’t have — the right to vote.

RAVE: Gene Cook, a World War II veteran who parachuted into Normandy, died at the age of 88. Besides being a warrior, he was a poet who published “Remembrance.” He was well-known to students for his first-person accounts of the war. Lower the flags.

RAVE: A big thank-you to Dean Jackson, who stepped down after being the 2013 chairman of the Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce. Sharon Szymanski, EVP of Sales for Sequoia Golf/Canongate Golf Club, is the new chairman. We wish you well.

RANT/RAVE/REALLY?!? Despite a promise of “come hell or high water,” Obama’s budget does not include the promised $400 million for the deepening of the Savannah Harbor. Gov. Nathan Deal said the heck with that, Georgia will start work anyway with the more than $200 million the state’s kicked in. And now the Obama administration said the work can’t begin until the House/Senate pass a massive water bill that’s been stuck in committee for months. No big deal, just the future of our port and thousands of jobs.

RAVE: A group of young adults, making up the Coweta County Skate Park Committee, have asked the county commission to look into the feasibility of building a skatepark. Hats off to these young individuals for their efforts and for getting involved in the local political scene. It’s a great civics lesson and shows there is hope for our future. And let’s build the park.

RANT: Two suspects were arrested after a two-county car chase that saw speeds up to 100 mph. The driver eventually ran off the road and overturned the vehicle. Was this a big bank robbery to involve such antics? No, they were stealing mail from a mailbox. Seriously, guys?

RAVE: Niagara Bottling LLC, the nation’s largest private label bottled water supplier, is opening a plant in Coweta County. The $52 million investment includes a new 450,000-square-foot facility and will create 40 new jobs.

RAVE: HERO is back. The Georgia Department of Transportation’s Highway Emergency Response Operations unit is patrolling Coweta County’s I-85 section to help out stranded motorists.

REALLY?!? Coweta County’s housing market is in great shape, according to local realtors. Housing sales prices are picking up and foreclosures have dropped to levels not seen in many years.

RANT: If you happen to run into Patrick Jamal “Pancake” Jones, 20, call 911. He was involved in a car chase with law enforcement, but managed to escape on foot after the driver crashed the vehicle he was in. Pancake is wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service for fleeing the LaGrange Transitional Center about a month ago.

RAVE/REALLY?!? Students are not going to have to make up missed school due to the ice storms, the school system has decided. It’s a RAVE for kids, but as officials said, it’s forcing teachers to really push to make up the instructional time.

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