The truth about King and phones

A recent letter by Mr. Quattlebaum concerning liberals and facts was misleading and questionable.

No one can confuse Dr. King’s support for labor unions. On April 3, 1968, Dr. King traveled to Memphis to support the sanitation workers union AFSCME. That evening he delivered his historic and famous speech, "I’ve been to Mountaintop," to a room of supporters. On April 4, 1968, this great man was assassinated

In 1956, Dr. King wrote a book, "Stride Towards Freedom,” after success in Montgomery. In the book, he explained the crucial roles non-violence and direct action played, laying the foundation for landmark non-violence and community organizing efforts of the early 1960s.

The phone services program Mr. Quattlebaum spoke — his facts are misleading.

The program under President Reagan was called " Lifeline." Its roots go back to an agreement signed by President Woodrow Wilson, and President Franklin Roosevelt continued the legacy. The present program is "Safe Link,” started in 2005 by President Bush with grants created by President Clinton.

The FCC in 2005 recognized changing technology and usage patterns, expanded the program to include cell phones. None of the past or present presidents had or have any control over the program Accurate facts benefit everyone.

Rick Page 


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