The liberal view of government

I was enjoying the Christmas season when I opened the paper and saw a Letter to the Editor from a liberal replete with half-truths. First, "social justice" is just a phrase for socialism. Next, employees do share in the profits of the company. It is called wages and bonuses. While you state everyone has religious freedom, you deny a company's beliefs that certain services are a violation of that company's beliefs.

Oh, a "woman's body" if the woman is carrying a boy — then is the woman male? Rhetorical question. One of the duties of government is to protect the defenseless. Who is more defenseless than the child in the womb?

So we need to provide the world with all kinds of resources. Who then has to pay the price? Our children and grandchildren.

While the innocent children of people with poor choices should not suffer, the parents should not be rewarded with my tax dollars either. If a woman has a child out of wedlock, then one child is taken care of provided, however, that she gets her tubes tied. One child out of wedlock is a mistake. Two or more children out of wedlock is wrong and should be treated as such.

"The liberal view of government?” No one is responsible. The government should provide everything to everyone. How much of a percentage of income should the so-called 1% pay? They refuse to answer because they want it all. As I started this letter, it’s socialism, but they will call it anything but what it is.

John Martinez 


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