A case against liberals

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor titled “The liberal view of government.”

Actions speak louder than words. All of these liberal actions are happening now. Liberals do not believe in hard work and innovation. They believe all successful people, especially conservatives, are evil and that the government should limit how much money they make and how much they can leave their heirs.

A liberal’s version of social justice is to take from someone that has worked hard to get ahead in life and give to someone who doesn't want to work. They believe in using organized crime (unions) to extort exorbitant salaries and benefits from corporations so they can use that money to further liberal policies and elect liberal candidates.

Liberals believe that the so-called poor people should be given handouts and never be held responsible for their actions. It is always the conservative's fault. Liberals only believe in their version of freedom of religion, and they believe the government should censor people like the conservatives. Liberals believe it is OK to not show a ID to vote.

I will close with a joke. A conservative was driving home from work when he saw a liberal family living in a nice HUD home in his neighborhood that took him 30 years of hard work to buy. They were grilling steaks, lobster and shrimp that they had bought with their EBT cards and drinking beer with money they had earned under the table working side jobs. He pulled into their driveway in his old car, which looked shabby against the BMWs and Cadillacs in the driveway with the Obama stickers on them. He asked if could he have a beer and steak. When they saw the conservative bumper sticker on his car they got angry and called him a racist and threw their Obama phones at him.

Tom Quattlebaum 


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