The liberal view of government

Liberals believe that hard work and innovation should be rewarded, and also believe that workers should be able to share in the wealth that their labor produces for their employers. We believe that unchecked capitalism puts a country's wealth and power into the hands of the few. Liberals believe that the government has a role and even a responsibility in stabilizing the economy and providing social justice and economic opportunity for all its citizens. We believe that history shows that unregulated capitalism and corporatism primarily benefits the wealthy, exploits the worker, and perpetuates poverty.

Liberals believe that while bad choices sometimes cause poverty, very few actually choose to be poor. Many are poor because they were born into poverty with low-selfesteem and low expectations for themselves. Having little hope for their future, at a very early age, by poor choices, many condemn themselves to a life of under-achievement. Many are poor because of low physical or intellectual abilities, including learning disabilities. Others find themselves in need, from no fault of their own, through job loss from layoffs and bankruptcies.

We believe that children should be cared for regardless of the misconduct of their parents, and that the government has the responsibility to see that they do not starve, have health care, and do not have to beg and sleep in the streets. Liberals believe that poor 4year-old pre-Kers should not have to sweep floors so they can eat lunch at school.

We believe in the freedom of religion and that the government should not sanction any religion or allow employers to impose their beliefs on their employees. Liberals believe in personal freedoms, like the right to use birth control and to chose who they marry. We believe minorities should not have their right to vote obstructed.

While many private and religious organizations are doing some wonderful things in Third World countries, it is far from adequate. Foreign aid helps, but even that falls short. Corporations exploit workers all over the world, ignoring safety conditions, and often paying less than 25 cents per hour.

I will close with a joke: A conservative was driving by a small family eating sparse grass in a vacant lot. He asks why they are eating grass and is told because they are hungry. He says that is sad and invites them to come home with him.

He tells them that he has a huge lawn with a lot of high, thick grass.

Dennis Thompson 


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