Sound Off

I love the LBD: I greatly enjoy reading Little Black Dress & SONs of Thunder adventures. It is refreshing and a break from so much negativity in our world. I enjoyed the article on Chef Breinig, and it was good having recipes to cut out and save instead of having to use some hi-tech method that I am not accustomed to in order to get them. Thank you for a good paper.

Tired of PC: I'm sick of all this double-standard, political-correctness crap. Enough is enough, I have decided, while it is still my right, to suspend A&E indefinitely. No Phil, no me.

Target’s problems: I told you, Target stores should let The Salvation Army bell ringers collect money for needy families. But no, they want all the customers’ money to come in the front door. Now look at what’s going on with them. What a mess.

I earned it: After working 31 years I am losing my job. Applying for jobs every day. Darn right, I deserve unemployment — I've earned it.

Totally biased: The movie “Outfoxed” was directed and produced by a liberal. It was distributed by, an organization owned by liberal billionaire and close friend of Obama George Soros. It would not be biased, would it?

Disappointed: Not happy with NTH coverage of drive-thru Nativity at a Thomas Crossroads church. It was a beautiful and inspiring story of Christmas. The NTH could do only one picture and one short article — shameful.

Pardons: Seems like Obama has released a bunch of his fellow criminals, including drug dealers. He is still going to finish his sentence (ours) for another two years, which is OK. Impeachment would only make him a martyr.

Santa’s race: Santa Claus has no color. Santa Claus represents the spirit of giving and hope. He is for the children, and they see him as a fat jolly man giving out toys. He makes Christmas special and fun. Can we please think of our children and leave the politics out of Christmas?

Consequences: There are consequences for all actions. Some are good and some are bad. Phil Robinson was suspended by A&E for his. I, along with a multitude of others, will no longer watch anything on A&E. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

C’mon: It wasn’t necessary to print at least six times a comment like "Show me one lie Fox news told. See you can't.” How many repetitions does it take the NTH to try to make this outrageous assertion stick? Why not google it yourselves and write an opposing editorial? There seems to be a lot of interest. Also an opportunity to inform the least informed among us. It would be fair and balanced.

Double standard: We are inundated on all of the major networks with “Modern Family,” “Glee,” “Mike & Molly,” “Miley Cyrus” and many other TV shows and characters espousing homosexuality, adultery, sexual crudeness and other lifestyles recognized as offensive by Christians. Phil Robertson states the obvious and he is castigated. Anybody else upset about this? He only said what most Christians are thinking.

Way to go, Ken: Ken Schaefer's Letter to the Editor on 12/20 was right on. You can't blame trains, cars, alcohol, guns, knives, or bombs for violence or death; these inanimate objects are deadly only when people use them to commit insane acts. "Guns don't kill ... people kill."

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