The conservative view of government

Differences between Liberals and Conservatives are rooted in their different views of reality, primarily reflected in their disagreement over the proper role of government. We Conservatives believe that top-down government intervention nearly always makes things worse, and that free exchange among free people is the best way to increase the prosperity of everyone.

We believe that such government measures as central planning, foreign aid, price controls, and protectionism actually “perpetuate poverty rather than eliminate it, and that the growth of government intervention politicizes economic life and reduces individual freedom.” We believe that the proper role of government is the protection of individual life and liberty. The ideal society is one in which government is least visible, least intrusive. The essence of good government is in the expansion of individual choices, and the role of the state to protect life, liberty and property so that individuals can pursue their own goals and desires.

We aren’t heartless Darwinians content with the survival of the fittest, as Liberals unfairly charge. We prove over and over that we’re as humane as they are and statistically more generous with our own money than big-government Liberals. Surveys of charitable giving consistently show that Conservatives of modest income give a greater percentage of their money than wealthy Liberals do.

Most of the effective care of the world’s poor comes from private and religious organizations, while government welfare is massively wasteful and ineffective, creating dependence and entitlement mentality rather than economic progress. Yet Liberals feel morally superior to us because, though they give less of their own money, they vote for more government spending of other people’s money. In summary, a little joke: “Man! Was it cold!” “How cold was it?” “It was so cold that I saw a Democrat with his hands in his own pockets.”

Richard Kirby 


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