Government cannot ban Christian displays

George Orwell noted: “Some ideas are so stupid only intellectuals believe them.” This applies widely to the issue of inalienable rights: those endowed each of us equally by our Creator.

The Bill of Rights was demanded by the sovereign citizens before they would ratify the Constitution: To clearly enumerate the natural rights over which government authority is either prohibited or very specifically restricted.

This time of year brings the First Amendment under attack. In part: “Congress shall make no law restricting ... the free exercise (of religion).” The wording is too simple to be misunderstood — with the possible exception of “intellectuals,” many of whom apparently struggle over the meaning of “is.”

It is essential to note that the First Amendment makes no mention regarding prohibitions against the display of religious icons, symbols, or scenes except to note that Congress can make no law restricting them. The 14th Amendment extends those prohibitions to state and local governments.

Some “intellectuals” (including our president) like to say that “America is not a Christian nation.” On hearing that my Daddy would have said: “Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Anyone with a modicum of understanding of American history knows that America was founded specifically to exercise personal freedom to worship Jesus Christ.

The charters of each of the original 13 colonies specifically identify living and preaching Christianity as the primary purpose of the colony.

For our first 150 years, non-Christians were not permitted to serve on a jury or hold public office because it was thought that their words and oaths could not be trusted.

Jesus taught that believers should share the Word, but if resisted should simply “move on” and let God deal with the non-believers. That’s why Christians are to be tolerant of non-believers: but “tolerance of” does not include “subjection by.”

Non-believers don’t have to honor Christian displays, but no government entity in America has any constitutional authority to prohibit them, even on “public” property.

Vote wisely in 2014, and Merry Christmas! Frank D. Banta


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