Liberals and facts

After reading a letter from the gentleman living in Illinois titled “Return the Love Occasionally,” I decided that liberals have a difficult time with facts.

The facts are the government is giving away things like homes, etc. The Obama initiative to put HUD homes in expensive neighborhoods for nearly nothing to the person who lives in them. Not only does it kill property and home values of the hard-working taxpayer who has worked years to get to the point of buying a nice home, now people who have not earned one will move into expensive homes they cannot afford. The housing crisis started because a liberal President Carter started making sure low-income people moved into homes they could not afford.

Remember Obama’s cash for clunkers? Another giveaway that failed.

The phone service that started under Reagan was to help the truly needy and rural areas. Under Obama, the program has spiraled out of control and the cell phone companies are making billions off the program.

He also said Dr King was a community organizer and friend of labor unions, like Obama. No he wasn't. He was a Republican Conservative and he traveled with Billy Graham doing crusades, and yes, he did care for the poor.

He also stated that an Obama program gave money to Newnan. Here are the facts on this: The Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program was created as a result of the Tax Reform Act of 1976 under Republican President Ford, and certi?ed its ?rst project as part of the program in 1977. This report (covering the years 1977 through ?scal year 2012) marks the 35th anniversary of that ?rst certified rehabilitation project.

Here is another fact, sir, about your state of Illinois. The state is in such dire straits that the Democratic governor just signed legislation reforming the pension program that the unions are protesting. Also, everyone knows the mess in Chicago, which is run by a progressive liberal, Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s best friend.

Tom Quattlebaum 


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