The income inequality gap

After reading my good friend Keith Crosby's recent letter, titled "Taxes and Government," I feel that a few comments might be in order. I must assume that the taxes paid ratio to benefits received were based on the total taxes paid to total government expenditures. If I am correct, these "benefits" include all government services, projects, and programs including the military, courts, NASA, national parks, forests, memorials and monuments. Also, the FAA, DOT, FCC, USDA, IRS, etc. It is most certainly not all for welfare and food stamps.

It is interesting to learn that middle income taxpayers receive $1.57 in benefits for every $1 they pay in taxes. If this is true, why do they complain so loudly about their tax money going to help the poor? They are receiving more in benefits than they pay in.

The high-income taxpayers not only receive the above benefits but also intangible benefits such as the protection of favorable corporate laws, interest income protections, anti-union laws, protection in the international community, plus they have more assets that the U.S. government protects. They have much more to gain and much more to lose.

Yes, President Obama is constantly harping about fairness. It's called the Income Inequality Gap. The top 1 percent is getting richer while everyone else is getting poorer. Everyone should be able to share in the wealth of our great country. Our national debt could easily be brought under control by bringing America's jobs back and forcing giant corporations to pay a living wage. More people making more money would boost the economy, create even more jobs, bring in more tax money and allow our national debt to be brought under control.

The government does not produce any products, useful or otherwise. What is does is legislate projects and programs and contract with the private sector to do the producing. We need a government big enough to initiate the things the private sector cannot and to protect the public and its workers from the excesses of corporatism.

Dennis Thompson


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