A simple thanks will do

My grandfather served in World War I. My father served in the Army in World War II, My father-in-law was awarded the Silver Star in the Pacific during World War II. I had three uncles who were Marines during the Vietnam War, I am a retired veteran, having served during Desert Storm. Today less than 1 percent of males in America step up and take the oath to defend this great nation.

Growing up, I dearly missed an opportunity to talk with members of my family who served. Where they were stationed, their experiences and relationships they had with their band of brothers.

What they thought about war, what freedom meant to them, to listen to their "war stories,” what they did when they felt alone, homesick and lonely in battle. I regret dearly in my heart today for not talking with soldiers in my family. I would have been a better man for it.

I encourage the youth of today to talk with family members who served in the military, ask questions I failed to. But most of all, if you see a veteran, simply go up and say “thank you.” Rick Page


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