Try vaping over cigarettes

I read the article in the Business section of the Sunday, Nov. 24 issue of your paper: “Vaping emerges in Coweta.”

I agree with most of its content. The article was primarily focused on vaping as an alternative to smoking and included testimonials from the local e-cigarette proprietors. I would like to share a thought from someone who has lived her whole life with a smoker.

I have never smoked but I have lived with one smoker or another my whole life. My father smoked, my two sisters smoked and my husband smoked. And I’m sure you know, smoking stinks. No matter how much I cleaned, my house always smelled of cigarette smoke. My husband’s truck stunk of cigarette smoke, and so did his clothes. And don’t get me started on his breath — whew! Of course, I complained and nagged but nothing changed. He was addicted and there was nothing I could do. I had to put up with it, until he discovered vaping.

My whole world changed. My house no longer smells like cigarette smoke. I can actually light a scented candle and it smells like the candle and not a vanilla cigarette, or “after the rain” cigarette. When we get into his truck to go somewhere, I don’t have to immediately let the window down. I don’t gag when I wash his clothes, and well, his kisses have become much more tasteful. I enjoy him vaping in the house now because some of the flavors are very pleasantly aromatic.

My husband researched vaping before he did the switch. He looked into all the aspects of vaping, including researching all the ingredients that are in the vaping juice.

I strongly recommend researching this new trend before walking into a store.

Don’t just rely on what the proprietor tells you; after all, they are attempting to sell you something. Having a room with stainless steel tiles, wearing gloves, masks, goggles and hair nets do not make you a chemist, no more than wearing scrubs, gloves and a mask while standing in an operating room makes you a surgeon.

If you live with someone that smokes and you are tired of the stink, ask them to try vaping. It’ll not only benefit them, but your life will smell a lot more sweeter.

Wendy Newman


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