Charity and taxes are not the same

The Letter to the Editor "America inequality" confuses Christian charity with government redistribution of wealth. In charity, I determine who and what organizations receive my hard earned money. Robbing from the rich to give to the poor is theft … er … taxation. The former is voluntary and I receive great joy in doing. The latter only bloats government and creates a society dependent upon my tax dollars. That's not charity. Never was, never will be despite how much the facts are distorted.

The Letter to the Editor "Mandating a minimum wage" writer (as well as other articles ad nauseam) fails to point out that if government forced companies to raise wages that companies would only move more jobs offshore and therefore more people being forced to depend upon more of my tax dollars.

I wish I could serve on the government committee that studies the unintended consequences of new laws and policy. Wait. It does not exist. Perhaps it should. Take Obamacare. Enough said.

John Martinez 


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