All liberals do is spend money

Chris Garlington's letter of 12/6 shows the very reason behind the rants and letters about Obama.

The DOT and Obama’s Initiative of throwing money at small towns for studies on the future is another absolute waste of money. Multiply what goes to one town by the hundreds of towns and look at the millions of taxpayer dollars gone, for what?

If small downtown areas survive it will be determined by the will of the people regardless of the tax dollars thrown at it . The local politicians everywhere who take the money are just as much to blame . The typical liberal attitude of Illinois shows with bright light "Just Give It Away " meaning the money, and they will love you . The only love liberals receive is from other liberals as they pat each other on the back for spending more.

As a Christian I must beg the Lord’s forgiveness every day for my total disdain of liberals and their destruction of our constitution and what was once the greatest nation in the history of the world . If people do not take personal responsibility for their lives and learn to think on their own, our nation will not recover. May God have mercy on America again. Remember the first ever liberals with their hunger for power crucified our Lord and Savior. Think - with every vote for liberals you have given them more control over our lives. 

Winnon Gilley 


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