Return the love occasionally

As a former Newnanite reading the Times-Herald on a recent visit, I’d like to address letter writer Keith Crosby and his assertion that “Liberals are Destroying Our Culture.”

So “Progressive liberals” are giving away free houses, TVs, computers, cell phones, and “other niceties” that hungry people want but not need. Besides the free phone program - which, despite popular lore, wasn’t initiated by the “liberal” President Obama, but originated under President Reagan and then went cellular under President G.W. Bush - I’m not aware of a federal government program that hands out these goodies to the poor.

And in correctly lauding Dr. Martin Luther King and his having “changed America,” keep in mind Dr. King was also a community organizer and a friend of labor unions and the working poor. I’m not sure how Dr. King, in supporting unions and the working poor - traditional Liberal and Democratic positions - positively “changed America,” and now these values are “destroying our culture.”

However, I do agree with Mr. Crosby’s final synopsis that more of us – regardless of political leanings – should get involved.

And while I’m writing, I did notice that despite the rough treatment Democrats, Obama, and liberals receive from the letters, rants and cartoons I read in the Times-Herald, I turned the page and noticed that our Democratic President still cares about towns like Newnan, as some of his DOT’s “Livability Initiative” dollars found their way to Newnan via a grant to study improvements to Newnan’s Historic Downtown District - “Newnan seeks input on future of downtown,” November 24, 2013. That’s right – “Obama dollars” to improve Newnan. Although I do respect the opinions of the contributors that make up the Times Herald’s editorial page, it would be nice to see a little of that love returned from time to time. Chris Garlington

Palatine, IL

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