Mandating a minimum wage

Regarding "Liberals are destroying our culture": Culture is a word for a people's way of life, and it is passed on from generation to generation through language, art, rituals, and institutions among other things. Cultures are different for different groups of people. Over time cultures change as new ideas and customs merge. While a person or group may maintain a culture, other persons or groups should not be forced to conform to a particular culture by law or government action.

Sometimes cultures should be destroyed. These include cultures based on religious or political tyranny, slavery, segregation, bigotry, and hatred. Perhaps a culture which gives most of its money and power to less than 1% of its population, is indifferent to its middle class, exploits its workers, and has only contempt for it's poor should also pass into history.

The best way to get those on the lower rungs of our society into the mainstream is to give them hope and expectations for a better life. This can be done in part by mandating a livable minimum wage that will do away with much of the need for government assistance. There are many people out there who live in despair seeing no hope for the future.

Regarding "Dems warring on U.S": The Affordable Care Act is now in the hands of the American people. They can choose to purchase affordable healthcare insurance or choose to listen to Republican obstructionist propaganda which, if followed, would leave tens of millions without healthcare and others in jeopardy of losing everything they own through sickness or accident.

Dennis Thompson


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