Taxes and government

Gerald Prante and Scott Hodge of The Tax Foundation reports the following as to taxpayers and their benefits: Low income taxpayers receive $8.13 for every $1.00 they pay. Middle income taxpayers receive $1.57 for every $1.00 they pay. High income taxpayers receive $0.25 for each dollar they pay.

According to liberal government, the high income earners are not paying enough. Mr. Obama is constantly harping about fairness. He seems to ignore who among us the current system is unfair to. Somewhere along this road now traveled the camel’s back will break. When the camel’s back breaks, what will happen?

So many among us act as though this deficit spending can go on forever with no consequence. I, for one, think that we can’t continue traveling this road. How long will you agree to obligate the young ones with a debt impossible to repay without much suffering and loss of freedom. Every working person will indirectly work for government, having us to thank for the mess we leave them.

Government does not produce useful products, nor does government have money except what is taken from those who produce, or through inflation, which in itself is bad.

We have too much government, from local to state to federal. One can only hope and pray that it isn't too late to make some very necessary changes.

Keith Crosby 


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