Sound Off

Different plumbing: As a woman, I resent having to pay for Viagra and the annual preventive prostate exam for men. Last time I checked, my plumbing is not set up that way. Strangely, my insurance makes me pay anyway and always has. Oh well.

Yep: You are right, the Huffington Post has an opinion blog, but the main parts are global and national news. You are wrong, Fox only spreads selective news mixed with their opinion. The fact that you didn't know that doesn't surprise me, you have obviously never read the Huffington Post.

Think on this: In the future, please remember that a candidate with no negatives may also have no positives.

Divine intervention: Affordable Care Act web page broken? No, just divine intervention. Keep praying, America.

Give a hug: No hugging at the schools? I think sometimes the hugs I give are the only ones these kids are getting. So you can fire me if you want, but if one of my kids wants a hug, I'm giving it.

The female vote: Women will decide the next presidential race. The candidate must be pro-women's rights, pro-children, pro-education and pro-gressive.

Citizen? I for one think Obama is an American and the reason his college records are sealed is he got a free ride by claiming to be a Kenyan-born "foreign student." The lie is he claimed not to be a U.S. citizen when it suited him and has now locked up the proof.

Way to go: Kudos for Frank Banta of Newnan and his wonderful Letter to the Editor. He said it like it is.

War? For a region that is so worried about this supposed “War on Christmas,” maybe you should be thankful that Santa is on the cover of your Coweta Magazine to begin with. I don't think a picture of Jesus Christ gracing the cover would really appeal to any of the non-Christians in the community.

McAlpin basement: I applaud the McAlpin family for telling the city officials before street work, during street work and after Roscoe Road was upgraded that it would negatively impact their property. I applaud the Times Herald for putting the story on the front page of the paper. I wish I could applaud the city of Newnan. It will probably require a lawsuit to get their attention and get it resolved.

Synthetic turf: I hope Dr. Barker selects one of the many orthopedic surgeons that roam his football game sidelines to be on his committee. If so, he will quickly learn there are volumes of literature showing an increase of injuries and severity of injuries, but helps business.

Change it: The democrats have been screaming Obamacare is the law of the land and you can’t change it. What did Obama just do? Who can you trust?

Help us: As I listen to Obama, I get the feeling he thinks he is a preacher, or thinks he is God and rules the Earth. Wake up, people, we have a president on an agenda to destroy America. The real God please help us.

Wrong word: I believe using the word “cracker” to describe white people is the same as using the N-word to describe black people. The Braves are following the money. That is the reason for being in business — or did you forget that while making your sly comment?

Time to change: I was a Democrat for a long time. Then I started listening more and seeing more of how the government was getting more control of our lives and not staying true to the Constitution. So now I consider myself an independent voting mainly Republican. I think if more people would get info from the right sources they would probably change, too. I don't think most people really agree with how things are going in our country.

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