Sound Off

Vote better: I hope all the good people of Grantville who voted for the present city council members will never be fooled again. They all made false promises last time, from what many Grantville friends have told me. There are many good citizens living in this city that deserve much better than the clowns now in office. They are a disgrace and embarrassment to all citizens.

Church texting: I was sitting next to a person in church Sunday and was shocked that she was continually texting and checking her messages. This is a slap in the face to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we do not respect and honor him enough to put phones away. People can take their phones to church, but not their Bible.

Update the speed: Any idea when the speed limit will be increased to 55 mph on the bypass and the last two turn arrows will be painted at the Roscoe Road-Sprayberry Road/Highway 29 intersection? It's hard to understand why it takes so long for Newnan to complete anything. What's the holdup?

United Way: Sounds like the executive director of Rutledge is mad at the United Way for giving his program less money they he thinks it deserves. Unprofessional to vent your anger in the paper. UW has done a lot of good for 130 years. Sad to read the self-serving comments.

Best comics: Watching the antics of the Grantville City Council is more fun than reading the Sunday funnies, and I don't have to wait for the weekend to be entertained.

No photos: What difference does it make what his name was or what his problems were? All mass murderers should be called "shooter" or "bomber." No picture of the perpetrator should be shown in the newspaper.

Highest court: To those obsessed with the "intent" of the U.S. Constitution, I refer you to Art. III, Sec. 1; The judicial power shall be vested in one supreme Court, … and to Art III, Sec. 2; The judicial power shall extend to all Cases, In Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution. If you have any doubt as to the constitutionality of any law or action, you have the right to eventually appeal your case up to the Supreme Court.

Look over there: Perhaps the government should push for reviewing how they manage security clearances instead of fighting for more gun control.

Thanks, NRA: The NRA reaction to all mass shootings: A moment of silence.

Denying care: So sad that the poor people who need health insurance the most live in the states where their political leaders are determined to deny it.

What is it? Let’s get this straight: Obamacare is not health care reform. It’s health insurance reform.

It affects everyone: Christians have a right to have a say in laws, too. With the rapid decline in society that anyone can see, it's obvious what the non-Christian agenda goal is. Remember, non-Christians, the lack of laws will affect you, not just the Christians, in a detrimental way, too.

What’s the name? The name of this paper is Newnan-Times Herald. Not Senoia Times-Herald. Not Moreland Times-Herald. Not Grantville Times-Herald.

Guns and coffee: I’d rather have my gun than all the Starbucks coffee in the world!

About that abortion point: To the reader who defends abortion with a science supported mumble jumble trimester argument: if abortion does not end the life of a child, what is the purpose? Why go through it? What other purpose could it serve? It’s an irrefutable fact, abortion terminates a life.

Parasite: To the person who said a fetus is a parasite: If your mom had aborted you when you were a parasite, would you be alive today?

Free market: A free market solution to health care (or anything else) is infinitely preferable to another government debacle. You really prefer bureaucratic waste and inefficiencies of a "one size fits all" model requiring a constant flow of taxpayer dollars versus fair market pricing and supply/demand cost controls of capitalism?

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