Sound Off

Honey Boo Boo: What kind of survey is it that you can't cast a vote for "too stupid to watch" category?

One bad apple: Just because one has a bad experience at a downtown business, doesn't mean they will have a bad experience at the other businesses. As a downtown Newnan shop owner, I am happy to have customers from Sharpsburg/ECHS and any other town or school. I speak for many business owners.

Red state, Blue state: When you look at states with low crime rates, lower taxes, lower cost of living, these are red states. California is the perfect example of liberalism. High taxes, high crime, low job growth, huge dependency class. Then there is the Democratic Republic of Detroit. Bankrupt after over 50 years of democratic control.

It’s about fraud: Having to show proof to vote isn't preventing poorer people from voting. It is to prevent voter fraud. What do they show to drive or to just buy beer?

No exclusion: Republicans don't want to exclude any legitimate voter. If you had someone else steal your vote, you might understand. I have my opinion on who I want elected, and I want to cast it.

Give that one up: Do you really think that comparing Obama to Hitler (again) scores any points for you? Same old, same old. Doesn't mean anything, doesn't help anything. Come up with something new and have a valid argument. Then we can talk.

Where’s Al? Three black teenagers shoot a white 22-year-old Australian college student who was jogging down the road. Why? Because they were bored. Where are the protestors? Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and President Obama? Where is the outrage? What a double-standard in this country.

Bashing Paula: You say get over Jane, that was 40 years ago. But let’s bash Paula for something she said 30 years ago. Am I missing something?

It’s not racist: The "Sound Off" objecting to the call for impeaching the president clearly implies that racism is at the core of calls for impeachment. This is an insulting and racist assumption. Voters should not tolerate incompetency in office regardless of the race, pretty face or oratory skills of the incumbent.

Not a toy: Sex toys aren't "playthings for grownups who may have lost their sense of fun." They and those who use them are pathetic. They're indicative of an unhealthy obsession with sex. And they are insulting to your "love." If you've lost your sense of fun, nothing's going to help.

Global warming: Yes, it's occurring and I know the cause is the Baby Boomers. We BBs are the largest segment of the population and there are more women BBs then men. Hot flashes! Yes, that is the major cause of global warming.

Taxes aren’t charity: Christian values call for people to help the poor voluntarily, not to force others to give through a notoriously inefficient and corrupt bureaucracy. Tax dollars are for public purposes, not charity.

Little slow: I drove over the new Lower Fayetteville road bridge nearly nine months after the road was closed. Minneapolis replaced a portion of the bridge over the river in less time, but we are in the South now, aren't we?

Downtown Newnan merchants: I want to support you, but you should acknowledge me when I come in, or at least come out from the back of the store to see that I am there. I saved money today.

Interpret what? While saying that the Constitution cannot legally be interpreted, Frank Banta interprets the Constitution and believes that his interpretation is the only true interpretation.

Any takers? So no poor legislation can get through and no good either. What good legislation has been made in the last five years?

We aren’t helping: The way our government is "helping" the poor has nothing to do with Christian values. It's all about robbing Peter to pay Paul, and skimming some off the top for yourself. Besides, they aren't helping people by encouraging them to stay on welfare.

What a brilliant idea: Let's take one of the worst intersections in Coweta and allow double right turns on red at Bullsboro and the Bypass in the name of efficient traffic flow. How will more wrecks affect efficient traffic flow?

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