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Closet Hollywood: Delta mechanic collects fashion accessories


Fashion accessories abound in the upstairs closet of Sharon Robinson's home in Newnan.

By Cathy Lee Phillips
Newnan-Coweta Magazine
She is a girly-girl.
Her favorite color is pink.
Shoes? She has over 250 pair.
Scarves? More than 100 of all styles and colors.
Her closet is larger than her master bedroom.
And she is a Delta Mechanic licensed to service planes from nose to tail!
Sharon Murphy Robinson sounds like a walking contradiction. A girly mechanic? Actually, she is multi-talented, creative, and acknowledges her good fortune. A love of clothing and fashion accessories that began at childhood did not stop when she wore a Delta uniform and wielded pliers and screwdrivers. When her job no longer required wearing a uniform, Sharon came to work in designer clothes, stilettos and matching earrings. She was careful to protect her outfits, but did wear black nail polish when working in greasy areas!
Her ability to categorize and arrange allows Sharon to locate her black nail polish—and everything else she owns—in a flash. To achieve this, she built a dream closet that occupies the entire top level of her home. It is larger than her master bedroom. It has to be! Where else could you store perhaps the largest collection of artful accessories in Coweta County, including purses, shoes, scarves, belts and jewelry? And multi-colored sunglasses? Her goals are to quickly locate a particular item, remain organized and display items as a form of art. Absolutely no clutter is allowed. She scours shops and yard sales seeking unusual articles to spark her creativity and inspire a new way to exhibit her collection. Consider this: Have you ever used cup hooks to hang ultra-high-heels on your wall? Sharon has. This unique wall art looks very natural in her mega-closet.
Sharon’s favorite place is secluded and accessible only by climbing what she affectionately terms “The Stairway to Heaven.” At the top of the steps you enter a magical world of wide-brimmed hats sitting atop tall candle holders, belts neatly folded inside deep drawers, shoes of every imaginable style standing on shelves, and abundant accouterments grouped by color.
Her grandchildren call the area “Mimi Mart” but Sharon simply refers to it as her “Happy Place.” It is a soothing space, with a cream ceiling, gray walls and all-black furnishings. After a long day, it is a refuge where Sharon relaxes while quietly sipping a glass of wine. More than a mere closet, this is where Sharon plans both her wardrobe and her life.
It all began with a shiny pair of hot pink stilettos she purchased three years ago. This launched a love of shoes and she estimates that she buys one pair per week. Most are five- and six-inch heels because “I wear heels almost exclusively, at least 90 percent of the time.”
Yes, there are shoes she has never worn … yet. If she likes a style and color, she buys the shoes, knowing that eventually she will locate jeans or a dress that will create the perfect ensemble.
Shoes are not her only accessory. Boots hang from a specially-purposed curtain rod. Bags of every color and size dangle on hangers inside a large closet. Her 100 bottles of perfume (her favorite fragrance is Katy Perry) and eye-catching atomizers are strategically placed around the room. Over 1,000 vibrant bracelets and bangles are grouped according to color on wooden three-tiered jewelry holders. Rings are organized inside elegant boxes or rest on the fingers of plastic hands used as displays in nail salons. Earrings, over 400 pair, are tucked inside clear plastic hanging pockets. Some 100 scarves and 30 coats hang creatively around Sharon’s closet and house.
Multi-colored sunglasses are arranged on a merchandising frame a store was selling recently. When Sharon asked about the price, the store manager happily gave it to her. They reasoned that Sharon already paid for the item many times over because of the number of shoes she purchased from the store.
Sharon’s two daughters are too busy raising children to visit the closet themselves. However, her oldest grandchild, Summer, has inherited the girly-girl genetics. She enjoys exploring the nooks and crannies of the second-floor closet. She and her friends have played dress-up with Sharon’s blessing, as long as they put each item back in its proper location. Now that Summer is growing fast, dress-up is no longer a game. Summer and her grandmother wear the same shoe size, so Summer’s interest in the grand collection is becoming more personal.
Meanwhile, several empty shelves are waiting to be filled. Local economic officials will be pleased that Sharon does 75 percent of her shopping right here in Newnan.
Like Cinderella, Sharon believes that the right shoe can change your life!
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