Board of Education

Mullins and Dees re-elected; Menk wins post

by Celia Shortt


Mullins, Dees, Menk

The Coweta County Board of Education gained a new member and re-elected two others during Tuesday’s Georgia primary and nonpartisan elections.

Harry Mullins was re-elected to the District 3 post on the school board and Amy Dees was re-elected to the District 1 post. Linda Menk, who was the challenger for the District 4 post, beat incumbent Graylin Ward.

“I want to thank everybody for their vote and support,” Mullins said after the election. “I appreciate it. It means a lot.”

Mullins earned almost 60 percent of the vote, with 1,432 votes, beating challenger Jan Horne, who earned 961 votes.

“I want to thank the leadership of the Republican Party in a nonpartisan election for gaining 40 percent of the vote,” he added. It became nonpartisan in 1984, and “I want to thank them (the Republican Party) for knowing better than the citizens of Coweta County for voting in 1984 to make it nonpartisan.”

In his next four years as a board member, Mullins said he will “continue focusing on student achievement, progress, and providing a quality education for every student no matter what political party they are associated with.”

Mullins has served on the Coweta County Board of Education for a combined 20 years. He has lived in Coweta County since 1974. He has worked at Southern Company Generation for 35 years. He and his wife, Susan, have lived in their district for 39 years and raised their children there.

“I want to continue as a member of this outstanding team,” he said while running for re-election. “I want to help ensure that we continue the focus on student achievement, maintaining our accreditation, preparing and producing workforce-ready students, and improving along the way.”

“Our grandchildren are growing up here,” he added. “Simply put, I have a vested interest in this school system and community and our future.”

Of the seven precincts in District 3, Mullins won all but two. In the Madras precinct, he received 185 votes, and his challenger, Jan Horne, received 221. In the Jefferson Parkway precinct, Horne received 45 votes, and Mullins 43.

In the Cedar Creek precinct, Mullins received 330 votes, and Horne received 273. In Panther Creek, Mullins received 154, and Horne received 126. In Greentop, Mullins received 203, and Horne received 114. In Expo Center, Mullins received 273, and Horne 77. In Northside, Mullins received 244, and Horne 105.

For the District 1 post, incumbent Amy Dees won every precinct over her challenger, Monica Terrell.

“I’m ecstatic about winning again, and I’m glad it’s over,” said Dees. “I’m ready to move forward with positive things.”

In the next four years, Dees plans on moving forward with technology and student achievement, as well as the next major change for Coweta County – flexibility options.

Per the state board of education, by June 2015, every school system has to declare a letter of intent to become an IE2 school system or a charter system. The board is currently researching the decision.

“We need good people on the board to help with those changes,” added Dees.

Dees earned 68 percent of the votes with a total of 1,379, and Terrell earned 647.

In the Senoia precinct, she received 325 votes and Terrell 128. In the Sharpsburg precinct, Dees received 300 votes, and Terrell received 130. In the Haralson precinct, Dees received 157 votes, and Terrell received 54. In the Turin precinct, Dees received 257 votes, and Terrell received 121. In the Arts Centre precinct, Dees received 198 votes, and Terrell received 138. In the Coweta Central Library Precinct, Dees received 142 votes, and Terrell received 76.

For the District 4 post, challenger Linda Menk beat incumbent Graylin Ward and received more votes in all five precincts.

Menk received 58 percent of the votes with 1,259, and Ward received 916.

In the Fischer Road precinct, Menk received 233 votes, and Ward received 167. In the Arts Centre precinct, Menk received 165 votes, and Ward received 137. In the White Oak precinct, Menk received 270 votes, and Ward received 207. In the Canongate precinct, Menk received 276 votes, and Ward received 169. In the Thomas Crossroads precinct, Menk received 315 votes, and Ward received 236.

Menk is a local businesswoman and is the Coweta Tea Party Patriot coordinator.

She works as a director with a national commercial lending firm, specializing in the financing of construction and refinancing of apartment assets, senior-oriented communities and health care facilities.

She moved to Newnan about 10 years ago.

“Moving to Coweta was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” Menk said when she announced her school board candidacy. “I love the people here, my neighbors are wonderful, local business owners are great to work with and I’ve met so many people who share my gratitude for our military and the sacrifice they make to keep our great nation free … My grandchildren deserve this and it’s more precious than anything monetary I can leave behind.”

Menk’s platform for running for her school board campaign dealt with the Common Core Curriculum.

“After meeting with several of our educators and parents, I share a belief that something is wrong with the Common Core-oriented curriculum and the impact it’s having on our children, the parents and our educators,” Menk said in a prepared statement when she announced her candidacy. “Additionally, so many of the parents I’ve spoken to appear to have the opinion that their involvement isn’t wanted at the local level – hand over your children and stay out of our business. And, after speaking to several educators, it appears that there is a level of fear of retribution if they speak out publicly against the Common Core curriculum and standards. If this is truly the case, it needs to change."

Menk, Mullins, and Dees begin their upcoming four-year terms on the school board in January 2015.

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