Suspected meth dealer fights officer, tased twice

by Wes Mayer

A man suspected of distributing drugs was arrested Wednesday night after attempting to flee a Newnan officer.

Around 10 p.m., Officer Kyle LaChance with the Newnan Police Department was patrolling the Westgate neighborhood when he spotted a vehicle with one of its headlights not working. According to LaChance’s report, he initially lost the vehicle, but found it again at the intersection of Heery Road and Franklin Road. There, he activated his blue lights, and the vehicle pulled into a driveway on Franklin Road, LaChance reported.

When the vehicle came to a stop, the driver, later identified as Seneca C Billingslea, 33, got out of the vehicle and began to flee, according to the report. LaChance chased Billingslea on foot into the backyard, and Billingslea lost his balance and fell on the ground.

According to the report, LaChance commanded Billingslea to put his hands behind his back several times, but Billingslea put his right hand into his pocket and began to get back on his feet — LaChance then fired the barbs of his electric stun gun into Billingslea, and struck him in the back. Billingslea still wouldn’t comply, according to the officer’s report, so LaChance activated his stun gun again. However, one of the barbs came loose, Billingslea was able to get back on his feet and he tried to make another run for it, according to LaChance.

This time, LaChance tackled Billingslea to the ground, he reported. Once again, Billingslea put his right hand in his pocket, and would not obey LaChance’s orders, so LaChance used his fists and knees to strike Billingslea multiple times in the midsection, according to the report. After this, Billingslea finally agreed to put his hands behind his back, and he was placed in handcuffs.

According to the report, LaChance found some cash in different denominations and a small baggie containing a clear, crystal substance in Billingslea’s right front pocket — a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine was found in his front left pocket. Baggies containing suspected methamphetamine were also found on the ground where LaChance struck Billingslea with the stun gun, on the ground outside Billingslea’s vehicle and in the vehicle’s driver’s seat.

Billingslea was charged for the possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute, obstruction of an officer, driving with a headlight not working properly and driving without a license. According to the report, Billingslea complained of pain to his head and ribs, so LaChance first transported him to Piedmont Newnan Hospital to be medically cleared, then transported him to the Coweta County jail.

Backup officers also arrived on scene to detain the two men sitting in the back seat of Billingslea’s vehicle, according to LaChance’s report — these two men were later released.

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