Thomas Crossroads Elementary School Honor Roll

Third Grade

All A’s

Ethan Brantley, Kinsey Clark, Carter Daugherty, Cooper Dean, Sara Folsom, Anna Holbrook, Bailey Lunsford, Carter Nguyen, Carter Robison, Isabella Serianni, Logan Stelling, Jake Tilley, and Matthew Waldron.

A’s and B’s

Alyssa Akins, Camden Babb, Keira Borngesser, Karlie Brown, Will Buckholtz, Savannah Dickman, Brandon Godfrey, Nataly Granobles, Gracie Harris, Drew Heitshusen, Ariel Hickman, Arlind Hoti, Jansen Kenty, Mia Kessler, Abby King, Sophie Madden, Zoe McKoy, Kaili Moore, Brandon Morley, Tyler Robinson, Patricia Rodriguez, Conner Smith, Caleb Stanelle, Rhianna Tidwell, Adeline Trimmer, Trinity Troncoso, Reniyah Wallace, and Catherine Wathen.

Fourth Grade

All A’s

Natalie Adams, Logan Allen, Garrett Cathey, Mackenzie Dincher, Jillian Ginn, Easton Harrison, Ashton Jernigan, Caitlyn Kearney, Do-kyong McDonald, Lyong-kyong McDonald, Cole Milas, Emily Schroeder, Timothy Taliercio and Brooke Wiseley.

A’s and B’s

Estella Bentley, Shelby Boyd, Elizabeth Bryant, Florissa Cayetano, Dylan Clotfelter, Luis Gonzalez, Justin Hale, Jacob Hayes, Hayden Hungerford,Alexis Joiner, Sara Jones, AnnaJoy Kasulas, Anya Khosla, Riley Lane, Harrison Lanier, Madeline Larsen, Amy Lindley, Lindsay Lyle, Angellena Miceli, Kyle Moore, Demetria Parham, Victoria Perez, Mia Pierson, Hunter Robinson, Brogan Sadler, Katie Schotthoefer, Aleczander Simmons, Noah Skiotis, Angel Swensen, Andrew Talley, Ryan Thompson, Trevor Thurman, Logan Van Arsdale, Eva Vandine, and Jenna Webb.

Fifth Grade

All A’s

Lillyan Anders, Zach Barineau, Maggie Bartlett, Kailyn Borngesser, Lauren Carlin, Shelby Clemons, Emil Devereese, Madison Green, Shannon Grimm, Natalie Heath, Kadence Jennings, Anthony Jones, Jakob Kerr, Audrey Lindley, Meredith Lodge, Elijah Madden, MacKenzie Mercer, Samuel Morgan, Skylar Reifschneider, Warren Robison, Shadya Rodriguez, Gabriel Saray, Hayden Schulz, Kaitlyn Shaw, Erica Swansbrough, Megan Valentino, Kylie Vernon, Claire Wathen, Bailey Watson, Caroline Webb and Brianna Whipple.

A’s and B’s

Kolby Broussard, Olivia Cook, Dominic DeLucia, Eli Garrett, Emily Hightower, Layla Hudge, Heidi Hungerford, Hannah Jones, Harper Jordan, Ashley Kelly, Cara Lill, Kyle Moore, Sydney Morgan, Ryan Pham, Blake Phillips, Catalina Reisinger, Troy Spivey, Jacob Stolar, Austin Taylor, Victoria Taylor, Kendra Terry, and David White.

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