May 15

Jerome Lee Addison, 23, VOP, NPD

Luci Danielle Presley, 19, theft by taking, CCSO

Robert Wheeler Hall III, 17, rape, NPD

William Winstead, 24, driving without license, NPD

May 16:

Dane K. Renta Jr., speeding, obstruction, suspended license, CCSO

Joshua Allen Dean, 29, FTA, no taillights

Gerasimo Dos Cantos, 28, theft by taking, driving without license, open container, no proof insurance, CCSO

Carey Spradin, 52, DUI, no taillights, FTML, CCSO

Rodney Newson, 27, VOP, NPD

Elizabeth Johnson, 32, assault, CCSO

Roderick Bray, 29, FTA, NPD

Ricky Lee Florence Jr., 23, suspended license, speeding, NPD

Timothy Bass, 46, HOA, CCSO

Bernard Johnson, 48, FTA, CCSO

Luluanna Harris, 39, VOP, CCSO

Pedro Anthony Berrios, 43, HOA, CCSO

Michael Daniel Riley, 39, false imprisonment, battery, obstruction, CCSO

Angelica Lynese Smith, 26, suspended license, CCSO

Lisa Ann Borger, 32, open container, theft by receiving, CCSO

Delando Quinnterrius Hayes, 21, suspended license, NPD

Caleb Jamal Carter Sr., 24, forgery, NPD

Frankie Deonte Snelling, 29, possession marijuana, GPD

Jessie Tremayne Arnold Jr., 35, crossing guardline with drugs, possession marijuana, stop sign violation, GPD

Latressia Kiera Barber, 26, VOP, probation office

Connie Sue Dutton, 45, trespassing, NPD

May 17:

Angelica Lynese Smith, 26, suspended/ revoked license, GSP

Brandon Gipson Dawson, 19, burglary, CCSO

Amparo Florez, 28, driving without license, CCSO

Evan Reed Barlow, 18, burglary, CCSO

Carlos Martinez, 20, possession of tools for crime, possession marijuana, entering auto, NPD

Bridide Hernandez Alvear, Jr., entering auto, possession of tools for crime, NP

Reba Nicole Estes, 27, FTA, no tag, SPD

Tonyjandin K. Taylor, 19, possession marijuana NPD

Kimberly Star Rodie, 30, suspended license, no tag, VOP, CCSO

Nicholas Leandre Mitchell, 34, HOA, CCSO

Larry James Height Jr., 62, armed robbery, CCSO

James Marion Geter, 34, VOP

Richard Frank Rhone, 27, criminal trespass, CCSO

Justin Keith Lee Sr., 24, robbery, criminal damage, NPD

Shamel Terrin Grant, 27, suspended registration, no insurance, child restraint, GPD

Tikita Kane Nelson, 26, forgery, CCSO

Christopher Gabe, 38, suspended license, CCSO

May 18:

Cornelius Neely, 25, suspended license, open container, NPD

Augusta Kidd, 61, disorderly conduct, NPD

Marcus Williams, 23, reckless conduct, CCSO

Phillip Polk, 25, suspended license, GPD

Josephine Figgs, 32, VOP

Mahagany Prather, 21, disorderly conduct, NPD

Chaka Wheelous, 28, FTA, NPD

Paul Stewart, 30, suspended license, speeding, CCSO

Willie Iceson, 65,. aggravated assault with knife, CCSO

Natasha Lashone Archie, 40, DUI, no taillights, NPD

Benjamin James Pruitt, 23, DUI, too fast for conditions, FTML, NPD

Kristen Kelley Coleman, 22, too fast for conditions, DUI, red ran light, NPD

Joshua Anthony Maddox, 27, warrant

Colleen Yvonne Vale, 30, speeding, possession marijuana, obstruction, CCSO

Annie Onice McCauley, 52, pedestrian under influence, NPD

Eric THomas Bordges, 19, FTML, DUI, leaving scene of accident, too fast for conditions, GSP

Tyler Jordan Lashley, 20, alcohol under 21, CCSO

Mark David Wright, 30, HOA, NPD

Esteban Alvarez-Arellano, 22, open container, speeding, driving without license, CCSO

Quintavious Deonte Hill, 19, possession marijuana, CCSO

Maricko Monte STanley, 32, disorderly conduct, SPD

May 19:

Daniel Kain Elliott, 19, possession marijuana, impeding traffic, CCSO

Jordan Michael Whitehead, 27, obstruction, possession drug-related objects, DUI, fleeing, reckless driving, ran red light, improper turn, improper passing, GSP

David Joseph Tiahrt, 37, criminal damage, CCSO

Sylvester Florence Jr., 36, obstruction, tampering w/evidence, CCSO

Qwaitraz Vincent Fenner, 20, suspended license, CCSO

Donald Eugene Yearta Jr., VOP, probation office

Danielle Kay Godwin, 35, DUI, too fast for conditions, FTML, CCSO

Stephanie Anita Anderson, 26, giving false name, FTML, DUI, suspended license, open container, GPD

Ramiro Garcia Zermano, 46, driving without license, NPD

Emmanuel Geoffrey Burton, 21, battery, CCSO

Emmanuel Morales, 20, driving without license, headlights required, NPD

John Anthony Nichols, 22, pointing weapon at another, NPD

Desiree Monique Armour, 19, shoplifting, NPD

Shakira Clements, 23, criminal trespass, NPD

May 20:

Rashad Demond Johnson, 35, DUI, FTML, no taillights, NPD

Jose Bolanos Lopez, simple assault, NPD

Melisa Shamarrya Roberts, 30, suspended registration, no proof insurance, no license, GPD

Jose Avellaneda, 28, driving without license, FTML, leaving scene, CCSO

Daniel Espinosa Hernandez, 34, suspended registration, driving without license, GPD

Lorenzo Martinez Ruttedge, 26, VOP, possession marijuana, NPD

Gary Wayne Haney, 39, marijuana possession, possession narcotics, CCSO

Shane Allen Sargent, 33, VOP, probation office

Larry Swint, 53, HOA

Charles Edward White Jr., 34, public drunk, NPD

William Dixon Jr., 23, possession marijuana, seat belt violation, CCSO

Edward White Irvin, 19, HOA

Christopher Jackson, 30, obstruction, GSP

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