May 6:

Gregory Hart, 43, suspended license, expired tag, CCSO

Sergio Jackson, 25, suspended license, CCSO

Jercarle Brewster, 22, resisting arrest, public drunk, disorderly conduct, pedestrian under influence, NPD

Joshua Marquise Teagle, 31, disorderly conduct, NPD

Hobson Peter Gumbs, 22, VOP, CCSO

William Vincent Bowen, 50, VOP, CCSO

Matthews James Jones, 26, VOP, CCSO

Kyle Patrick Mitchell, 22, VOP, CCSO

Courtney DAnielle Karr, 23, affray, CCSO

Krystal Sinkfield, 31, VOP, probation office

Agustina Guillen, 49, driving w/o license, no tag display, CCSO

Debora Ann Prosser, 41, affray, CCSO

Robert Joseph McKinney, 23, suspended license/ registration, CCSO

Jonathan Sharay Jones, 31, FTML, cocaine trafficking, possession marijuana with intent, suspended license, CCSO

Michael G. Costley, 43, theft by taking, expired license, CCSO

Michael James Alexander, 57, disorderly conduct, SPD

May 7:

Jaylen Mundrea Terell Kemp, 17, stalking, CCSO

Gerardo Tapia-Garcia, 30, no license, expired tag, CCSO

Jammie Allan Ward, 32, child restraint, theft by receiving stolen property, CCSO

James Jovagus Barnes Jr., battery, shoplifting, NPD

Dewayne Billingslea, 35, VOP, probation office

Andrew Phillips, 34, abandonment of child, CCSO

Timothy Durane, 33, VOP, probation office

Fausto Gonzales, 17, no license, CCSO

Willie Henry Cox Jr., 47, suspended license, CCSO

May 8:

Jordan Michael Whitehead, 27, possession marijuana, possession narcotics, drug related object, NPD

Justin Chance Griffin, 24, DUI, FTML

Noe Carrera Fernandez, 22, driving without license, no proof insurance, CCSO

Torick Darryl Carrington, 21, possession marijuana, CCSO

Tina Darlene Smith, 49, FTML, DUI

Lindsay Nicole Lee, 21, DUI, no proof insurance, FTML, no registration/ valid tag, GSP

Ashley Elizabeth Williams, 29, VOP, CCSO

Christopher Lee Sobers, 27, VOP, CCSO

Cindy Wright, 27, VOP, CPRB

Rodney Craig, 18, shoplifting, NPD

Ernest Alvin Wilson III, 18, armed robbery, CCSO

Stanley Elijah Gaines, 19, armed robbery, CCSO

Michael Thomas Beacham, 22, armed robbery, CCSO

May 9:

Andrew Grant Swanson, 24, VOP, SPD

Keneen Dewayne Shaw, 22, fraud identity, CCSO

Lucas Wade Stephenson, 23, FTA, CCSO

Victor Diavila Rodriquez, 45, VOP, CCSO

Michelle Renee Twilley, 43, FTA, narcotics possession, CCSO

Christy Lynn Culpepper, 31, VOP, CCSO

Holly Lynn Sherrer, 33, weapons possession by felon, child restraint, CCSO

Danny Tuck, 52, weapons possession by felon, CCSO

Carlos Garner, 33, VOP, CPRB

Tamara Roberts, 27, forgery, CCSO

Mariano Alvarez, 38, suspended/ revoked license, CCSO

Debra McCoy, 53, theft by taking, CCSO

Edward James Klamfoth, 55, DUI, open container, stop sign violation, NPD

Shannon Lee McKenzie, 31, possession of meth, crossing guard line with narcotics, DUI, following too close, GSP

Albert Riojas, 39, no license, no taillights, CCSO

May 10:

Rodney Porter, 46, FTA, CCSO

Alexander Joel Nipper, 32, battery, GPD

Kenyon Thomas Robinson, 32, VOP, CCSO

Sonny Foster Williams, 27, VOP, CCSO

Khyree Jawan Campbell, 22, suspended license, illegal window tint, GSP

Andrew Lee Mason, 29, VOP, NPD

Shandoria Channell Curry, 27, VOP, CCSO

Isaac Lewis Williams, 52, FTA, CCSO

Oscar Gerardo Ruiz-Palacios, 28, driving without license, CCSO

Daphne M. Moss, 30, suspended/ revoked license, no proof insurance, CCSO

Roger Lamont Florence, 33, suspended/ revoked license, CCSO

Carl Anthony Davis Jr., 30, suspended/ revoked license, CCSO

Brian Christopher Dills, 22, possession narcotics, VOP, CCSO

James Anthony Armstrong, 54, VOP, CPRB

Devin Michael Parks, 17, disorderly conduct, CCSO

Jonathan David Perez, 20, possession marijuana, NPD

Sarah Cloise Carpenter, 25, possession narcotics, CCSO.

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