Arrest Log

August 11

Shawn Bonner, 38, possession of marijuana, public drunk, NPD 

Jaquise Aundrewell Youngbleur, 25, FTA, suspended license, speeding, GPD 

Billy Eugene Stevens Jr, 27, criminal trespass, CCSO 

Kristina Marie Mobley, 47, VGCSA possession of narcotics, VGCSA possession of marijuana, SPD 

Michael Ashley Walker, 39, suspended license, speeding, CCSO Matthew Park Davis, 38, DUI less safe, speeding, CCSO 

Terry Ann Singleton, 50, DUI, FTML, CCSO 

Jason Marcel Taylor, 36, suspended license, speeding, GSP 

Denise Lashawn Davis, 26, burglary 1st, CCSO 

Eric Stefan Bonner, 35, shoplifting, VGCSA possession of narcotics, VGCSA possession of marijuana, VOP, FTA, CCSO 

Kier Roshon Houston, 22, suspended license, GPD 

Genocrates Leondre Molina, 39, driving without license, speeding, GSP Claudio Cortes, 46, driving without license, NPD 

Jeremy Lanard Canty, 37, HOA, GPD

August 12

Shantell Quinecie Jenkins, 34, HOA, GPD 

Flores Gerard Hernandez, 21, battery, FVA, simple battery two counts, child cruelty, NPD 

Frederick Anthony Turner IV, 31, battery, CCSO 

Thomas Marvin Cheatwood, 30, battery, CCSO 

Isaac Lewis Williams, 53, VOP, CPRB 

Christopher Jones Simpkins, 33, VGCSA possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, GPD 

Tabetha Ann Williams, 31, DUI drugs less safe, no proof of insurance, FTML, seat belt violation, GSP 

Jeremy Cornelius Leath, 21, expired license, obstruction, SPD 

James Lee Collins, 27, giving false name, fraud deposit account, CCSO 

David Russell Veal, 31, simple assault, criminal trespass, CCSO 

Brittany Kay Wilson, 25, HOA, CCSO Kasim Qayoome Smith, 32, FTA, burglary, NPD 

Benjamin Abraham Ledford, 37, sexual battery, aggravated child molestation 

Clinton Larry D McGhee, 26, shoplifting, NPD 

Todd Eric Jones, 41, FTA, entering auto, CCSO 

Steven Eugene Kennedy, 33, bad check, CCSO 

Salvador Chavez Gallegos, 41, speeding, no license, SPD 

James Bernard Lewis, 47, VOP, possession of cocaine

August 13

David Christian Moten, 22, possession of marijuana, possession of firearm/knife during commission of a crime, NPD 

Patrick Orlando Dunn, 19, shoplifting, NPD 

Thomas Bernard Serls, 46, VOP, GPD 

Robert Earl Ballard Jr., 36, simple battery, CCSO 

Franklin Wayne Grant, 41, VOP, CPRB 

Anthony Britt Jr, 22, VOP, CPRB 

Windur Bernard Reeves, 42, HOA, CCSO 

Krystal Denise Chandler, 28, driving without license, NPD 

Devin Michael Parks, 17, VOP, disorderly conduct, simple battery, FVA, CCSO 

Kimberly Denise Caston, 29, foreign warrant, CCSO Steven L Hardy, 27, HOA, CCSO 

Serrita Nashay Durrah, 25, simple battery, FVA, CCSO 

Rachael M Preddy, 29, FTA, NPD 

Michael Ray Burse, 31, eavesdropping, CCSO

August 14

Christopher D Williams, 45, suspended/revoked license, GPD 

John Andrew Sims Jr., 59, public indecency, CCSO 

Lillian Perez, 35, identity fraud, forgery 4th degree, theft by taking, CCSO 

Billy Ray Deaton, 25, suspended license, CCSO 

Craig Ryan Reynolds, 52, burglary, CCSO 

Brandon Mack Smith, 24, VOP 

Rafael Jevon Winnifield, 22, suspended/revoked license, NPD 

Noah D. Kirkland, 37, VOP, NPRB 

Kathryn Ann Beaulieu, 24, speeding, GSP

August 15

Fernando Cuevas Acosta, 41, driving without license, FTML, CCSO 

Douglas Shane Bewtley, 43, public drunk, SPD 

Thetis Monauis Jackson, 38, VOP, NPRB 

Raymond Anthony Hearp, 55, HOA, CCSO 

Christopher Adam Dewitt Jr., 20, statutory rape four counts 

Alan Bernard Bridges Jr., 17, theft by taking, CCSO 

Apollo Antonio Williams, 34, VOP, CCSO 

Lana Stone Hendrickson, 56, open container, DUI combined, leaving the scene of an accident, CCSO 

Tenisia Lashonda Mahone, 30, FTA, driving without license, GSP 

Jose Elias Mendoza Barrios, 43, suspended license, defective equipment, CCSO 

Wendy Nicole Holloway, 38, suspended/revoked license, no tail lights, CCSO 

Isaac Terrell Owens, 41, possession of narcotics, NPD 

Norris Lee Gates, 28, possession of marijuana, NPD.

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